Running Books For Sale!!!

I am selling two (2) copies of the book “Born To Run” in Hardbound for P 1,000.00 each.

Born To Run

I have one (1) copy of Dean Karnazes’ latest book “50/50” for sale for P 850.00 (Hardbound).


The proceeds will go to the training and support of the Elite Team Bald Runner Distance Project.

First come, first serve! You can leave your comment if you are interested.

Thanks for your support!

(Note: These books are highly recommended to ultrarunners!)

4 thoughts on “Running Books For Sale!!!

  1. benwah

    Born To Run is one of the best books I’ve read. Indeed the greatest race in the world. I felt the excitement and the thrill of the race itself. BFT (Barefoot Ted) is as colorfully described in the book as well as in person. He recently moved to Seattle, WA but an LA guy for a long time. Scott Jurek, Luis Escobar and the author Chris are great to meet in person too. DK and George Sheehan books are always good to have in one’s library.


    1. kingofpots

      ben, you are right! I enjoyed reading the book “Born To Run”. This is must book for ultrarunners. The other books of Dean K and George Sheehan are also among my list of “collectors” books in running. thanks!


  2. hamarman

    Hi! I’m just wondering if you still have copies of the books for sale. I would like to buy a copy each of Born to Run & 50/50. I’m Atty. Arthel B. Caronongan. My contact numbers are: 09178878462 & 5248930. My email ad is: Thanks!


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