Grab Your Pictures @ NB Power Run!

21 K Start
21K Runners
Jollibee @ NB Power Race
Coach Rey Antoque @ 10K Finish
Coach Rio @ 10K
Anna Vargas (Tm BR), 2nd Place Women, 10K
Capt Amado aka Reinier6666
El Kyoshi
Bobbit Manzano
Junrox aka Tigerboy
George aka The Talkative Runner
Jonel aka Bugobugo85
Michelle Estuar
Jerry Karundeng aka High Altitude
Nolan Llanora
Luis aka Gingerbread
Jael Wency
Sam aka The Running Ninja
Margaret Jade
Ms Jaymie aka The Bull Runner
Jaymie aka The Bull Runner
Bobby Go
Col Oscar Lopez, PA
Neville Manaois of Pinoy Ultra Runners

18 thoughts on “Grab Your Pictures @ NB Power Run!

  1. thanks for the pic, BR. Good to see you today. Hope you’re recovering fast. All the best and more power to Team Bald Runner and Team Hard Core.


  2. hi jovie,

    setbacks can really serve a good purpose. they bring out the best of your other God-given talents. your snap shots are great! hope you’re recovering well.



    • thanks, nestor! that’s the beauty of the digital world…no printing! everything is accessible and things are moving faster!


  3. Thanks, Jovie-san! Too bad I didn’t see you on Sunday. I wore black shirt and shorts after reading your previous post.


    • yes, i saw you in black and most of my regular readers! we have to sympathize to these fallen journalists! i hope they will get justice.


  4. Sir,
    Thanks for the picture. I really hope your injury will heal soon. You’re gaining weight already. I hope you can make it on December 30. Where can I register for the Rizal Day Run?


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