Team BR Defends Mt Mayon Trail Run Honors

While the Quezon City International Marathon was on-going yesterday morning, another trail run race outside Metro Manila was being conducted in Legazpi City (Albay) and this was the 2nd edition of the Mt Mayon Trail Run.

Members of the Elite Team Bald Runner had to defend the title as the King of  Mt Mayon Trail as Elmer Sabal won the Championship in the Trail Run during its first edition last year with a Cash Prize of P 30,000. I was able to join this race last year and it was a well-organized race under the leadership of Yves Yu aka Be Cool Runner and the Team JC International of Legazpi City. Although it was short of few kilometers from the announced 21K distance, the course was very challenging with rope climbing on rocks, running/crossing a wide river, steep inclines, narrow & slippery trails, and running on the lahar rocks (big & small) along the slopes of Mt Mayon.

For the 2nd edition, the race organizer added more distance and challenges to make it as a 21K run. My team had reported that one of the additional challenges was running inside a tunnel! The race organizer in Legazpi City is full of ideas and challenges for the runners.

Alcuin Bolivar of  Elite Team Bald Runner won as Champion in the 21K Trail Run with a Cash Prize of $ 2,000 + Trophy and Gerald Sabal won the 1st Runner-Up in the 21K Trail Run with a prize of $ 1,000. Johnny Espana won 5th Place. Corazon Salcedo won 2nd Runner-Up in the 21K Ladies Category while Raul Lamprea won 1st Runner-Up in the 5K Race. Overall, the Elite Team Bald Runner was able to defend its title as the King of Mayon and bring home the Cash Prizes for the event.

I would like to thank the support staff of Team Bald Runner for their untiring assistance to our athletes; to Mesh Villanueva aka My Iron Shoes and family for their support in providing the accommodation of my team; to Yves Yu aka Be Cool Runner & Team JCI Legazpi City; and to the Race Organizer & Sponsors of this race.

4 thoughts on “Team BR Defends Mt Mayon Trail Run Honors

  1. Congrats TEAM BR! I have a plan to join this race if not for the QCIM. Next year I’ll join this one, for a change.

    God speed and see you in Subic. Don’t forget to bring my 1,000 km club, it was long overdue hehehe

    Thank you.


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