Running Must Go On!

Life must go on! In one way or another, everybody is affected by the onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy.

Our “training camp” in Pasig City is still surrounded with flooded streets and we don’t have electricity (after 5 days). One of my staff and her family had evacuated her house to a higher place due to flooding and my running coach’s house/residential area is still submerged in water that after four days, he had to evacuate his family due to lack of relief/help coming from the local government and from non-government organizations involved in the relief operations. His family could not withstand the stench of bad smell and the lack of potable water in their place. I am glad my staff and their families are all safe. On the other hand, some of my athletes (due to their duties with the Philippine Army) had been involved in the relief and rehabilitation efforts in Marikina City as part of the manpower that had been “shovelling” and collecting the mud and dirt in the streets for disposal.

Despite all these concerns and activities, we still have to “squeeze” some time to maintain the level of competitive performance of our elite  athletes and conduct our “speed training” sessions at the Oval Track without any miss in order to attend to the Team Bald Runner-Professional Group. Yes, we are involved in helping the victims of Typhoon Ondoy but we have to help and attend first to our staff who are also victims of the flooding and at the same time help other runners to keep them focused in their training for the “big” marathon races in the coming weeks! This holds true also to our Elite athletes.

I am overwhelmed by the simultaneous efforts of our runners in coming up with charity and donation efforts to the victims of the floods and Typhoon Ondoy. I really salute and highly commend your efforts with the hope that you continue doing such act even if the victims are in the Visayas, Mindanao, and Batanes. Silently, I’ve been donating some cash and goods for the past year and months to charitable institutions whenever there were typhoons and floods in other parts of the country. And I’ve continously maintained my Project Donate A Shoe and Project Donate A Shirt up to this date with the hope that more donors will contribute in these projects.

Now I know where I will donate those shoes and shirts/singlets that are stocked in our “training camp” and for those which we will receive in the future. After all these relief/rehabilitation activities and “news overload” about distribution of relief goods, I will “silently” go to some places (which are not yet being reached by the relief agencies after 4 days!) near our “training camp” to distribute such donated shoes and shirts/singlets from our friends.

Life and Running must go on! See you at the Starting Line!

(Note: How I wish I could post an article about my insights & observations about the onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy but that would be inconsistent with the advocacy of this blog. Let this blog be devoted to only running)

4 thoughts on “Running Must Go On!

  1. hay so true BR. gotta go on and move forward.

    when there are so many things that you cant control, going back to your routine … running … helps bring a little balance and sanity.


    1. kingofpots

      we are considering training in higher places but the costs is very prohibitive for us. hopefully, we could get a sponsor to support us.


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