The “Best” Sponsor & “Corporate Head”

Who among the “corporate heads” who have the “heart” and initiative to help the elite athletes in their plight to give honor to the country in international competitions? I know there are corporate heads who are helping elite athletes in other sports but  I am not sure of those who are presently helping our elite athletes in long distance running. 

"Corporate Head" @ Fig+7th Building in LA
"Corporate Head" @ Fig+7th Building in LA
BR & "Corporate Head"
BR & "Corporate Head"

The statue above is located at the Fig+7th Building along Figueroa & 7th Streets in Downtown Los Angeles. It is called the “Corporate Head” which depicts an “executive” guy whose head is stucked to the building. I really don’t know if our Corporate Heads are like this guy who really have their heads stucked permanently to those high-rise buildings whose offices have the “best” view of the whole city. How I wish they would also embrace an active & healthy lifestyle and be able to help/support promote the sports they love and at the same time help our elite athletes. A small help/support from them means a lot to our elite athletes.

I have an answer to my question in the person of Mr Amado Castro, Jr who is the President & Owner of Reinier Pacific and fondly called as Reinier6666 among runner-bloggers. Aside from being a passionate racewalker and runner who had already exposure in international racewalking competitions and international marathons, he is silently helping and supporting our elite athletes. And he had done a lot in helping our athletes for the past months.

Surprisingly, he came up with an initiative to finance the registration fees of two (2) teams for the RUN FOR M.E. 5-Km Team Run this coming Sunday consisting of our Elite Team Baldrunner. He also came up with the idea of designing and financing for the teams’ running uniforms. And yesterday, I was able to receive the teams’ race bibs and running uniforms. They are nice and they have the color of “green”! 

What else can I say? This “Corporate Head” is somebody who has the passion and dedication to help and try to alleviate the plight of our elite athletes. Such deed shows what “Leaders” are made of. Mabuhay ka, Mang Amado!

The following are the pictures of the new Team BR running uniform:

Nice Uniform For Team BR
Nice Uniform For Team BR
Printed My Web Address At The Back
Printed My Web Address At The Back

Thank you, Sir Amado! So far, you are the “best” sponsor to our elite long distance runners and future racewalkers! God bless and may you have more blessings to come!

9 thoughts on “The “Best” Sponsor & “Corporate Head”

  1. The Running Science Guru

    Hi BR. I’ve been reading a lot of local running blogs and yours is definitely one of my favorite sites. I really admire everything that you do for the local running community. You truly represent what a real runner is.

    You live and breathe running everyday.

    I really like your pic with the “corporate head” above. I live a block away from there and that is one of my all time fave symbol. Sometimes I think of making one of a runner that wants to finish a full marathon, or do a PR.

    With regards to running sponsors, you are so right. With how big running is already in the Philippines, there is definitely a need for the major corporations to help out our long distance runners.

    This is my first post on a local running blog. I thought I’d make a post on your site as I truly admire all that you do for Philippine running.

    Please keep up the good work. More power to you!



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  3. I agree BR. Sir Amado has initiated good initiatives for running in the country. First, we partnered with him for the Botak 100KM Aid Station. A lot of ultrarunners were very thankful that day. Now, we have another project with him. It’s not just for the elite or the ultramen, but for all runners. We hope that the new project we are working on will help improve the conduct of races in the country. Thanks to Sir Amado.


  4. i2runner

    Sir Amado, you are Runnnig’s great angel! The uniforms look familiar. The colors remind me of Oregon’s Track Team Uniform, like the one worn by Steve Prefontaine. I hope one of Team Bald Runner would become our Prefontaine. Then Sir Jovie’s going to be our own Bill Bowerman 🙂


  5. whilemyfeetgentlyweeps

    Japan’s corporate running teams should serve as an ideal model. Companies sponsor elite athletes to train and compete while at the same time giving them employment opportunities for these athletes. They get most of the runners from the universities. So it’s a good avenue for those runners who stop competing after the collegiate level to remain with the sport while still earning a living.

    I remember some one told me that during the 70s or 80s, San Miguel had workers who were employed to run marathons. I don’t know if it should be PATAFA or the big corporations that should restart this initiative once again but it would definitely help the running community.

    Click to access BiginJapanjune07.pdf


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  7. sfrunner

    Jovie, great post once again. Kudos to Sir Amado. Though I haven’t met him, he knows what it takes for running / racewalking to be successful. Hopefully on my next trip, I’ll get a chance to meet him.

    Thanks for stopping by blog yesterday. BTW, the Los Angeles Marathon next year is tentatively scheduled for March 21 and the San Francisco Marathon is July 25th. One of the two will be my 25th marathon. Take care my friend!


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