ASICS Tiger Ultimate 81

If you still remember and was able to use this kind of running shoes in the late 70s and early 80s, you could be within my age group of 55-59 years old this time or maybe you are a little older.  In the early 1984, I was using the ASICS Tiger X-Caliber GT and I was able to use the said shoes in finishing three (3) marathon races then. Later, it became as X-Caliber GT II and it was then the start when ASICS used Gel in their running shoes. The X-Caliber GTs just vanished in the early 90s and they were replaced by the GEL models. 

Now, Onitsuka Tiger revived these shoes last year/early this year and it is now popular among the younger generation as casual shoes. If Frank Shorter was able to use this kind of running shoes in the 1972 Olympic Games when he won the Gold Medal in the Marathon and make this shoes as the cover of the popular book by James Fixx, The Complete Book of Running in 1977, it is worth to have one of these retro shoes and bring back the memories of the 70s & 80s running “boom”. The ASICS Tiger Ultimate was considered as the “sports car” among the running shoes during those times. 

I don’t recommend this kind of retro ASICS Tiger shoes to the “newbies” , “non-hardcore” runners and those who are prone to feet/legs related injuries. However, these retro shoes are highly recommended as casual shoes with your dark blue denim jeans or summer shorts & casual shirts.

I hope to use it in my tempo runs at the track and on the road. We will see how it feels to run again back to the 70s and 80s!

Top View of Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate
Top View of Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate
Nice Drymax Running Socks!!!
Nice Drymax Running Socks!!!

I bought this shoes at the Finish Line Sports Store located inside the Beverly Center Mall in Los Angeles with a price of $ 49.95 + tax.

8 thoughts on “ASICS Tiger Ultimate 81

  1. sneakerhead ka rin pala, sir jovie! hehe! mas madami talagang magagandang sapatos dati. buti nire-retro nila ngayon. but the problem is, hindi na kapareho yung quality. built more for casual talaga. so ingat lang po. see you & the hardcores at botak100!


    • ronald, what do you mean di kapareho ng quality, pang porma lang talaga? mas maganda pa rin kaya yung dating original shoes nung 80’s? bali parang replicas lang sila?

      Nice shoes sir Jovie! My daily work shoes are just old beat-up Chuck Taylor all stars. The lack of cushioning and support seems to strengthen my feet, or so I would like to believe.


  2. Dear BR – Nice shoes! You made a good deal. In Manila there is an Onitsuka Tiger Store at Greenbelt5 and the cheapest is on the P4,500.00 level and the most expensive is at P7,000.00 level. They are great casual shoes.


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