It’s Official…

Early this month, I received my designation orders as the Chairman on the Committe on Road Races of PATAFA (Philippine Amateur Track & Field Association), the sports federation governing body in Athletics (track & field, road races, cross country, and race walking) in the country. I was appointed to such position by the newly-elected officials and regional directors for the year 2009-2012 led by its President, Mr Go Teng Kok in a General Assembly held on the 1st week of January 2009. I guess, I will be in this position up to the end of 2012, unless I resign from it. The PATAFA’s Committee on Road Races will serve its purpose as a forun where Race Organizers and Race Directors will coordinate and discuss among themselves on the conduct of road races in the country.

A week after I received my orders, I was also designated as a Member of the Training And Selection Committee of PATAFA for the Middle & Long Distance Running Events whose objective is to evaluate the performance of National Athletes and Coaches prior to their participation in International Athletic Meets or Games.

Guys, don’t congratulate me! This a “pro bono” service and the officials at the PATAFA do not receive any single cent or any compensation! This is all for the love of sports and love for the country. Wish me, “Good Luck!”

24 thoughts on “It’s Official…

  1. Great! Now you can impose benchmarks/standards that the organisers must follow, otherwise they won’t be allowed to put up races.

    Item: Theoretically, can you, er, select yourself to represent your country in an international competition? 🙂


    • cecil, i need to meet the “registered” road organizers with PATAFA and discuss with them the “standards” in road races as promulgated by IAAF. maybe, a “get to know one another” will suffice the 1st meeting. as for your item, a member of the National Pool in Athletics for international games should meet the qualifying standards/national records to make him/her competitive with other countries. in short, i can’t select myself because i am not qualified.


  2. BaldRunner, it is time to walk your talk about your passion in this sport in a more wide range and eligible ways. In my observation, looking back to your comments, sights and vision about this sport, somehow it would be pretty hard to start. I pray that you will have enough wisdom to run this new position and to promote this sport in the country with hope that someday, your dream, the Filipinos dream, the gintong pangarap to achieve gold medal in olympics would materialize.

    Be strong and take courage!


  3. Good luck Apo Jovie. While you may be working to upgrade Philippine running, there will be others out there with vested interests who will be trying to pull you down. Just keep on working for the improvement of Philippine road races. All the best!


  4. BR – I wish you all the best. This are other things on my wish list.

    1) Designate certain races as national championship races. A 10K road race national championship. Have them for half and 5K as well. People can focus their training to peak in time for those races.

    2) We should send aa team to the World Cross country championships. Also a cross country season would be nice.

    Regards Mark


  5. Finally, the right person for the job gets hired (kahit ty). It definitely won’t be easy and oppositions will be there to pull you down. It’s about time to make changes and put our country back to the spotlight. Wishing you all the best, Sir Jovie.


  6. Sir BR…since you’re there already, may i suggest that there will be an obligatory drug-testing for all winners of a certain marathon/s and a random testing for each runners! Since each running events has a lucrative prize on it, it’s very tempting to deviate from the standard just to win the prize. I already posted it in my column today “Drug test for runners?”…for this practice was implemented in the New York City Marathon last year, and I think it’s also valid to implement it here.

    I’m happy to read such good news regarding your new position….

    God bless us always.


  7. Jovie – Congratulation and wishing you all the best. Any change or review on the present set-up will not be an easy thing for those who have been used to their “normal/usual thing”. When the going gets rough, just shout there are plenty of us out here to support.


  8. I was about to congratulate you Sir but instead I’ll just say good luck! We know that the Committee on Road Races is in good hands. Best wishes Mr. Chairman!


  9. guys & gals, thanks for your support and encouraging words..your ideas are nice and doable but it will take some time to do all these things. what is improtant is that i will try my best to steer my committee for the improvement of road races in the country. but, you should remember that i still have a “boss” above me to approve these ideas & improvements. thanks again!


  10. Sir BR, just want to add my best of hopes and wishes. As far as I know, your the right man for the job. Good luck!


  11. Sir Jovie,

    Knowing how determined and hard-working you are with your goals in actual running, we all expect that will also be applied i this new endeavor. More power to you. GOD BLESS.



  12. Sir Jovie, Congrats and am sure running be a lot better… hopefully we will be able to get our first olympic gold as running in the country improves. Goodluck! 🙂


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