Results: 2009 PSE Bull Run 10K

The 2009 PSE (Philippine Securities Exchange) Bull Run “Takbo Para Sa Ekonomiya” 10K Road Race was held last January 18, 2009 at the Fort, Taguig City and considered as the first road race for the year after almost a month of absence of road races due to the Holiday Season.

I ran the said race to prove if my training during the Holidays will result to a better performance. I reached a weekly mileage of 127 kilometers in one week, two weeks before this race wherein most of the mileage were done on the oval track. One week before the race, I tapered my mileage by reducing by one-third of my total number of kilometers covered. I did all the things to be done just to ensure to get a positive and faster results.

In my Garmin Forerunner (GF) 305, it registered my finish time in 46:17 minutes. However, in the official results published by the Race Organizer after one week since race day, I got a time of 46:38 minutes. I can not understand the big discrepancy from the time registered in my GF 305 and the Race Organizer’s clock as I pressed my watch simultaneously with the start command of that “loud” Emcee on the stage while “the ringing of the bell” was done and stopped my watch after I passed the Finish Line.

From the official results, I placed #94 out of 762 runners in the 10K race, which is within the upper 12% of the overall finishers. In my age category of 50-59 years old, I placed #4 with a 50-year old runner from Fairview Running Club placing #1 with a time of 38:23 minutes! A difference of almost eight (8) minutes! A tough job is needed to attain that fast finish time. However, the 3rd placer had a time of 42:43 mnutes which I think would be a “doable” goal in the next coming races.

But the 64-year old runner who placed #96, the second runner behind me who finished few seconds after me could be another threat. How I wish I could run that fast if ever I could reach the age of 64.

“Girls, Kids, and Ladies”, can you beat the time of that 64 years old runner?

4 thoughts on “Results: 2009 PSE Bull Run 10K

  1. BR – I expected you to have improved times because of your consistent training, high mileage and speedwork.

    Your strong and colorful personality resonates through your blog and it certainly makes you the talk of the town. Well you will also be a good benchmark and target for most of us. I’m sure you will be ready to give us all a stiff challenge.

    I remember reading somewhere (maybe a Runner’s World article) that some of the most competitive athletes are the runners in the masters division.

    Regards Mark & Tiffin


    • i think the masters runners had gone through a lot of experience and experimenting to find the magic formula for them to maintain their speed as they grow older. i guess, i am simply like them and venture to more extended goals in running. thanks!


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