New PR: 3:48:32 Hrs @ MILO Finals

30 11 2008

What can I say? It’s a miracle! But this is a product of hardwork, commitment, patience, and discipline!

After a warm-up and the usual stretching, I met the “Hardcore Group” who planned to have a “fun run” (not as “bandits”) at the pre-designated place and we wished each other good luck. And we some photo-ops as Jonel aka Bugobugo85 was the overall planner of this event. Jonel aka Bugobugo85, Dr Joe aka The Loony Runner, Jerry aka High Altitude, Philip aka Foreign Runner, Jay aka Prometheus Cometh, Lester, George, and Nico were there.


The Hardcore Group turned their backs at the camera before the start but they earned their PR times and 42K Finisher’s Medal. These guys are really “funny & crazy”!

The race started at 4:27 AM and we joined the other Finalists for this MILO Nationas 42K. I had a brief “pep talk” to the runners of Team Bald Runner to include the defending champion, Cris Sabal, minutes before the start of the race. As the street was still dark, I just maintained my easy pace which I practiced on the oval track of about 5:30 mins/km and maintained such pace up to the finish line.


At Lawton Avenue going to Bayani Road…

The whole marathon was just an easy run for me without much pain with my leg muscles. I could not believe that I did not have any trouble along the way. I decided to run the race as light as possible—I did not bring my Nathan Water Belt; I used my NIKE Lunaracer with lightest socks that I have; and my first time to use my new “customized” Oakley glasses which I ordered from my family in California. For the first ten kilometers, I drank my water from the water stations and those hydration gave me the much needed water at the start of the race. Once I entered The Fort, my support staff was already there ready to give me bottled water and Gatorade drinks I needed. After coming from the Heritage Park and about to reach Lawton Avenue on my way back to the Finish, I asked my staff to hand me the oatmeal that instructed them to prepare. I ate the oatmeal on a styro cup, while running, and that gave me my much-needed source of energy for the last 11-12 kilometers!


Philip aka Foreign Runner was the 1st member of the Hardcore Group to reach the Finish Line!


Jerry aka High Altitude got also a sub-4 hr PR finish time on this MILO Marathon, his 2nd Marathon race!


Jonel aka Bugobugo85 and George of the Hardcore Group along Bayani Road. They got also their PR.


This guy was tailing me from The Fort up to Roxas Blvd but he was not able to overtake me up to the finish line. He had all those motorcycle escorts and cameraman beside and infront of him. He must be a VIP of MILO Philippines.

As I reached Roxas Blvd from Buendia Ave, my GF 302 registered a time of 3:20+ hours and Capt Espejo was there telling me that I could finish in sub-4 hours as the distance was only 4+ kilometers to the finish line. I just maintained my pace, reminding myself to run “on a straight line”; to be “light” on my midfoot strike; and stay relaxed. And these are the things that we are telling to our students in our speed training for the past two weeks!

Finally, the finish line was there! The digital clock at the Finish Line registered a time of 3:48:30 hrs but my GF 305 registered an additional time of 2 seconds. Later, I found out that I had an average pace of 5:29 mins/km for the whole race with a distance of 42.1 Kms.


The Hardcore Group; Capt Ferdie Espejo; Coach Satur Salazar; Team Bald Runner—Cris Sabal who won 1st Runner-Up Overall & Marecil Maquilan who won also 1st Runner-Up Overall. Each runner got a cash prize of P50,000.00

It was a nice run and a fulfilling one to end my 2008 running season.

I would like to mention my thanks to the female runner, Bib # F 164, who paced with me for the first 15 kilometers. You are really a strong runner!

To the Hardcore Group, they all have also their PR times for this marathon race and you will read their experiences and pictures in their respective blogs.

To those who will be going to Singapore for the Marathon this coming Sunday, beat my time and you will earn a 2009 Wall Calendar from Bald Runner! Good luck and have a safe trip!




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30 11 2008

It was a great run. I am so happy that Jonel organised this. Thanks to you and your team baldrunner for supporting me along the route as well. I did not end up with a medal, do you think it will be possible for you to organise me one? I would appreciate it as it feels bad to have nothing to show. Thanks again for all your support and well done on the PR. Sorry I did not wait but I needed a toilet and tender caring love from my wife for the sore muscles. God bless.

30 11 2008

Excellent race, BR!

A new PR? Ha ha. You were just waiting to spring that one on us. Congratulations on a well-deserved record, after all the hard work you put in.

Congratulations to everyone as well. I’m glad the Hardcore Group and Team Bald Runner made a big splash at the MILO Finals.

Have a great day, and enjoy celebrating this one for a while.


30 11 2008

we all had fun and a good time running today.congratulations el presidente.

30 11 2008

philip, don’t worry. i will ask my staff (capt espejo & coach salazar) to get one medal for you. we missed you at the “booth” & finish line phot-ops.

qs, it is really hard to “lead by example”! i hope more people in the country will be inspired to start running, have an active philip, don’t worry. i will ask my staff (capt espejo & coach salazar) to get one medal for you. we missed you at the “booth” & finish line phot-ops.

qs, it is really hard to “lead by example”! i hope more people in the country will be inspired to start running, have an active lifestyle, and hopefully compete with themselves and get full satisfaction from what they have trained for.

jonel, thanks! it was “walk the talk” and “kicking-ass” fun and running today. thanks for the nice idea and effort to assemble the “hardcore group”. see you on wednesday at ULTRA. don’t forget your 30-minute “active recovery” run tomorrow! please remind the rest of the “group” about this.

30 11 2008

Congrats Sir Jovie on another record breaking run! You always inspire us with new feats and of course your helpful tips!

30 11 2008

Congratulations to you Jovie, the Bald Runners (particularly to Cris Sabal and Marecil Maquilan) and Hardcore Group!!! Good results can only but expected. Dedication, training, and good karma is equal to success…

30 11 2008


That’s all I can say…

1 12 2008

Sir Jovie, congratulations to you, to Team Baldrunner and to the hardcore runners on the race. I’m thrilled for all of you! Congratulations to Cris and Marecil. That’s a rewarding moment for all of the work they and Team Baldrunner have put in.

Speaking of the hardcore runners, they and you might want to read my latest blog entry. This weekend was very rewarding. Take care and have a good week ahead!

1 12 2008

sw, thanks. my duty is to inspire you and guide you in your training. good luck on your future races.

amado, thanks. i like the “good karma” thing that you mentioned. with your support, i am just an instrument to be of help to other people. see you at the ULTRA.

rayabe, thanks and keep on running, too!

wayne, thanks. the group missed you on this one. congratulations for being featured in our daily broadsheets. it’s about time that somebody is writing about running here in the country and hope that more runners will be enticed to join us. good luck on your future races.

1 12 2008

Congrats! You again set a milestone and another target for us following you. I now have my target pace for my first marathon come feb. Br, For sure you have a new target time set already : ) Im starting with that lucky me routine.

I have to join you guys this Wednesday, Im being left behind.

1 12 2008

Congratulations on your PR! It was an amazing performance coming from your Pinatubo and Unicef 10K run!

1 12 2008

Btw, I like the Oakleys. It gives you a whole new look BR. : )

1 12 2008

Congratulations !! you are Superman. great job

1 12 2008

Congrats…you deserved it bro. It’s the fruit of your hard labor and dedication.
You’re such an inspiration to us…

“Your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.” 1 cor. 2:5

1 12 2008

mark, just keep on running and develop your endurance so that you can attain your goal pace/speed during road races. just be consistent and “listen to your body”. thanks for the nice comment about my oakleys. see you at ULTRA

jay, thanks. i am very sorry that you had some problems along the way. that is a sign that you have to train harder and always be consistent. good luck on your future plans in running.

patrick, thanks. i am just a mere mortal who happens to love running.

rfc, thanks. i am here to inspire and lead you the way to proper running and competitive with oneself. good luck on your future races.

1 12 2008

So saan ba talaga ang phone booth in the milo route where you changed into superman? Haha! 🙂 You really are leading by example and that’s not only inspiring but a refreshing change in our part of the world! Can’t wait for the next wow moment! Congratulations!

1 12 2008

Congratulations Sir Jovie, great job, great run. You again set another career high on your running endeavors, something we are looking up. Your distance conquered are getting younger and younger.

The guy tailing you was Mr. Peter Noszek, VP of Nestle Phils., running his first full marathon. See you again BR and I am looking forward this time to joining your speed training session. Now I don’t have my excuses. Talk soon.

1 12 2008

congratulations on your PR! it seems you could have still gone faster… boston is very much reachable for you! 😀

2 12 2008

Congratulations Sir on your PR! im sure your next marathon would be another PR!

2 12 2008

BR, another big congratulations to you! It’s amazing how you ran that marathon with ease. Great way to end the year.

2 12 2008

Congratulations Sir Jovie! You’re really a model to us runners. Thank you very much sir for giving us the chance to train with your team. God bless you! May the Lord continue to give you strength and bless your efforts in promoting running in the Philippines.

2 12 2008

Hi BR,

congratulations on your new PR !!! you are really an inspiration…. our family will support your presidency…hahaha

4 12 2008

hi bald runner,

congratulations on your new PR!

i am a new runner and i joined the 10k run. it was really a great experience. the atmosphere was warm and friendly. i hope that within the next few years, i can run side by side with you. in the meantime, i will continue to check out your blog from time to time for useful running info.

anyone joining the standard chartered marathon 2009 in hk? i will be doing the half marathon. hope to meet new friends there.

take care,


4 12 2008

Hi BR,

Congratulation on your new PR on a full-marathon! That was really, really a remarkable time,.. but as you already said, and I will repeat it again ( because I believe in this), “it’s a product of hardwork, commitment, patience, and discipline!”

I expect this new PR thing will become a habit of yours in every race that you will join. I truly believe that, Sir.

Thank you for illustrating this remarkable performance last weekend, and it’s a delight to read too – you are truly a role model for us, Weekend Warriors!


4 12 2008

mesh, as i said, i was surprised, too! but i know i am improving each day because of my commitment and consistency in my running workouts. good luck on your marathon race this sunday.

vener, thanks. i know you had a new PR, too! and congratulations for running three marathons this year. keep on running and improving your time.

dr joe, actually, during my youngers days, boston was my dream and it remained like that. we’ll see if i could make it but i have to qualify first in one of the marathons in the us within next year to qualify for boston 2010.

lester, i guess, that is the “drill” to be followed. keep on improving and always aim for excellence. thanks, lester.

thanks, jaymie. it’s the experience factor that propelled me to such accomplishment. good luck on your singapore half-marathon

joseph, in due time you will become a better runner with all those coaching and workouts you are being exposed to. good luck and try to be consistent.

annalene, how i wish your family would be able to attend the speed training at the ULTRA. your kids have the potentials to be competitive runners. see you soon.

aa40, thanks for the comment. keep on training and hope to see you in one of the road races soon. no, i am not running the hk marathon

nolan, thanks. that’s the message i’ve been telling to my readers—there is no shortcut or miracle pills in running. everything is consistency, hardwork, discipline, patience, etc. hope to see you in the future road races.

5 12 2008

Sir Jovie,
Wow!!! ang galing naman. I think your BQ time is 3:45. You’re within reach. The way you’ve been running and training, I’m very confident you’ll get it. Do you still keep your hotmail email address? Last year, I donated about 70 pairs of running shoes at Runner’s Circle (Joe). I’ll put together again and when it’s ready, I’ll send it to you. Pls. email me your office address. It’s been a great year. 12 completed marathon/ultras incl. AC100, published race reports and top 3 at my age group at SoCal Ultramarathon Grand Prix. Total mileage on races alone this year was 482 miles (771 km). I’ll be taking time off from races this month and do some hiking, city roundabouts, biking, etc. I’ll should be ready again in 2010. Maligayang Pasko!!

9 12 2008

ben, you inspre me, too! i hope i will be able to run the 2009 bulldog 50K again and plan on my first mt disappointment 50/50 next year, too! i’ll send my office address to you through your e-mail. thanks in advance. merry x’mas and happy new year to you and to your family.

27 12 2009
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