Attention: To All Race Sponsors

One of the runners of Team Bald Runner brought this situation to my attention.

Maricel Maquilan, the winner in the Women’s Overall Category in last Friday’s “1st Shake, Rattle & Run” (Halloween 5K Race) was awarded Gift Certificates worth P2,000 from a foot sandal company called “RIDER”. The gift certificates were given to her during the awarding ceremony at 9:00 PM of 31 October 2008, the day of the event.

On the following day, she went to “The Athlete’s Foot” Store at Robinson’s Galleria to redeem her awarded gift certificates. She was surprised that the gift certificates were not valid anymore. Why? The Gift Certificates were only valid up to October 31, 2008 as marked in the said gift certificates. WTF??? Are these race sponsors kidding? I think the sponsor would like the winner of the race to run all the way from BHS to their outlet stores to beat their closing times after the awarding ceremony. The race was held at 7:00 PM of October 31 which happens to be the deadline date of the gift certificates! Ang lupit naman, Kuya Eddie!

As I don’t know the people behind “RIDER”, I am calling the attention of the Race Organizer to do something about this situation. Guys, these prizes or certificates mean a lot to the runners and they really value whatever things they received from their performance and effort. So, let us help our runners and give them the due respect that they deserve.

6 thoughts on “Attention: To All Race Sponsors

  1. Hi sir,

    Thank you for supporting Isuzu Shake Rattle and Run. As the organizer, please accept our sincerest apology for the misunderstanding regarding the Rider GCs awarded to the 1st Place finishers. Yes, the expiry date is Oct 31, but ROX (the issuing sponsor) has communicated to us that they will extend the deadline.

    We intended to tell the recipients Ms. Maricel Maquillan and Mr. Bernardo Desamito after the event, but in the excitement of the moment we failed to do so.

    It was never the intent of the sponsors or us organizers to issue prizes that would be purposely worthless.

    ROX’ Ms. Macel Abejero can be contacted at 0922-8434708 about the procedure for expiration extension. Basically she needs to know the serial #s of the GCs so she can call up the Rider retail outlets and inform them of the extension.

    I have also posted a message of similar content on pinoyrunners and karerista egroups in the hope that it will be communicated to the concerned winners.

    Thank you.



  2. andy, thanks for the immediate response. this thing could had been avoided if full attention and help had been extended to my runner. i hope this situation will not happen again. rest assured, team bald runner will be supportive to your future undertakings.

    lonerunner, thanks for the visit.


  3. yay. this is traumatic. imagine the feeling of excitement after winning then spending your prize to reward yourself only to find out…….. i hope the winner didn’t tear up the GCs 🙂 otherwise, what’s the point of extension.


  4. Hi Baldrunner! May I use your blog to communicate to Andy? I hope it’s not a problem.

    Hi Andy,

    What about the finisher shirts?

    I registered for the event at ROX days before the race but I arrived just minutes before the race start and kasama ako sa naubusan ng race bib. I ran sans race bib, finished the whole rounds, and went home with the loot bag, without a finisher shirt. Sabi nung nagdistribute ng loot bag, to follow na lang yung shirt. (Also, I remember a guy in black telling those na naubusan ng bib na they’ll still be getting the shirts and stuff because that’s the least that they could do and the sign up sheet says that the registration amount includes a finisher shirt)

    Now, days after the event, I went to ROX pero sabi ng ROX, tapos na sila with their responsibilities. Tried calling ISUZU, nobody’s answering their listed number.

    I hope you could shed light on this.



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