198 Days: 16K @ Mall Of Asia & ULTRA Run

19 09 2008

Yesterday afternoon, I visited The North Face Store at the Mall of Asia Mall and bought the “Escalada” backpack with provision for a hydration pack. I intend to use this small backpack for my “runabout/walkabout” which could carry my food provisions, water/sports drink supply, windbreaker/jacket, towelette, extra socks and dry clothes, cellphone, sunglasses, medical first-aid kit, and my Sony Vaio Notebook just in case I decide to bring it with me. This will be useful in my ultra run practices in the North, in Antipolo & Tanay, in Tagaytay, and within Metro Manila area. (Note: To High Altitude & Aldz, I’ll be joining your mountain trail run soon!!!)

After buying the item, I decided to have my long run along the roads surrounding the mall and started at 4:40PM. After running a distance of 6 kilometers, I saw three male runners on the opposite side of the road where I was running and tried to pick-up my pace in order to join them. After running for almost 300 meters, I was able to catch-up with the last runner among the three. I initiated the conversation and kept my pace with the said runner. I found out that he is one of the members of a running group of eight from one of the chemical companies based in makati city and they went to the Mall of Asia for their scheduled running workout. The 3 runners were preparing for an incoming “Quick Sprint” Triathlon to be held sometime next month. After 15 minutes, I asked him to visit this blogsite and introduced myself to him that I am the “Bald Runner” (I was then wearing a runner’s cap). He immediately laughed and became excited! He told me that he is a frequent visitor of my blogsite. To his excitement, he shouted to the other two runners and introduced me to them. The two runners extended their hands for handshake and shouted to me, “Idol”. They asked me the number of kilometers I was going to run yesterday and I told them that I have to run a minimum of 16 kilometers! They told me that they have to finish 5 kilometers on that afternoon run. So, I left them while they were going back to where they started their run.

The following were the data that registered in my GF 305:

Distance—16.5 kms            Time—1:48:07 hrs

Average Pace—6:33 mins/km      Average Speed—9.2 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—11.8 kms/hr   Total Calories—1,216 cal

Average HR—152 bpm                 Maximum HR—166 bpm

Total Ascent—287 meters           Total Descent—301 meters

At 6:15 AM today (19 September), I proceeded to the ULTRA Oval Track for my brief speed run workout. After a brief stretching exercises, I started my run at the outer lane of the oval track for four (4) laps, covering a distance of 1.92 kms with a time of 8:50 minutes. My average pace for the 4 laps was 4:36 mins/km.

My first speed run for one lap was timed at 1:24 mins (3:28 mins/km pace) which surprised me. I wanted my time to be within the range of 1:55 to 2:05 mins per lap. My recovery run was also one lap with a pace of 6:00 mins/km. My second speed run registered a time of 1:40 mins (4:01 mins/km pace). My third repetition was timed at 2:02 mins (4:58 mins/km pace). And my last repetition was timed at 1:58 mins (4:45 mins/km pace). I concluded my speed workout with another 4 laps of the oval with a pace of 6:00 mins/km. In totality, I was able to run 16 laps of the oval track, covering a distance of 6.85 kms.

My planned brief stay at the ULTRA Oval Track became a longer stay because of the presence of runner-bloggers, running coaches, military runners, Elma Muros, and Kim. I had nice conversations with these personalities in-between lap repetitions and I look forward for more meetings with these people at the oval track.




6 responses

19 09 2008

would love very much to have mountain run with you. let me know when it will be…

20 09 2008

Hey BR we just missed each other! I was at ULTRA from 5 to 6 this morning. With the way you have been running around am sure I will bump into you soon! See you around!

20 09 2008

by the way, i’ll be away to palawan from oct 3 – 19. hopefully, you could set the schedule after my trip…

20 09 2008

Nice to have you back and I am sure we will run into each other soon. Good time on your interval training especially the first lap, wow that is an amazing time. For interest, what was your heart rate on the second lap?

20 09 2008

ha, we will see. i might have my trail run anytime before the end of the month. i will send you an e-mail to confirm everything. thanks.

foreignrunner, i was surprised to see such time for my 1st lap which registerd an average HR of 164 & max HR of 178. for my my 2nd lap, i had an average HR of 172 & max HR of 179. see you soon!

22 09 2008

Yes Sir,

See you soon.

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