200 Days: Ed Paez; Massage; & Rest

17 09 2008

I had the pleasure to meet in person Mr. Ed Paez yesterday morning to discuss matters with regards to my plan to conduct the 1st Bataan Death March Tribute Ultramarathon Race (yes, that’s the latest name of the event). Mr Paez is a writer/columnist of the tabloid Remate after having been retired as Information Officer of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources; and presently the President of the San Fernando Runners Unlimited Inc. (SAFER RUN) of Pampanga. He is also known to be the person behind the conduct of the annual Bataan Death March Tribute Relay Run for the past 23 years whose participants are volunteers among the members of his running club and some members of the AFP Running Team.

i took him as one of my consultants for the ultramarathon race to be held separately from his own Relay Run which will be held one week after the race. His knowledge of the course and experiences in conducting the relay run for the past years will be of great help to our plan to realize such ultramarathon event.

Our meeting & discussions resulted to positive results where we considered some suggestions from runner-bloggers in the conduct of the said event. Thanks for the suggestions from Bugobugo 85. The ultra event’s assembly time will be midnight of Saturday, April 4, 2009 and the race starts before 1:00 AM of April 5, 2009 with a cut-off time of 15 hours. However, the race will end at the San Fernando Railway Station, making the race with an overall distance of 102 Kilometers which is the exact distance of the Bataan Death March from Mariveles, Zambales to San Fernando, Pampanga.

I would like also to thank those runner-bloggers who could not join this ultra event and instead volunteered to assist us in the different Aid Stations along the route.

I had my body massage later in the afternoon for 1 1/2 hours and made yesterday as my rest day. I slept early at 9:00 PM and was able to sleep for almost 9 hours. This is how I deal with jet lag—run, drink a lot of water and eat, have a massage and go to bed early!

Hopefully, I will end the day with a 10-12K tempo run.




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17 09 2008

thank you for the consideration sir jovie.even if it came with an additional 2 kilometers haha-i guess that will be the cooling down distance.i have been passing the word and getting recruits to do this event. and there has been no let up on my own side.there is no other way but to pile up the miles.

17 09 2008

I have no doubts it will be a success. All the best and when will you be abck in the country?

17 09 2008

Hello Sir Jovie,

This is a very good project! Let me know if the schedule is final so maybe we can bring some of our runners and friends to the Philippines to participate.

I am trying to create my own blog to help our filipino runners with any questions they have on Running equipments! Here is my Blog address if that is how you call it! I am new at this so I do not even know how to link you to that site? Hahaha!

Thank you!

Gotta Run,


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