Last Run Before TSFM

I did a 12-Kilometer easy run along the moderate hill streets of Los Angeles at 10:30 AM yesterday. This will be my last run before the family travels to San Francisco for the Marathon this Sunday.

I finished the run in 1:15:47 hours with an average pace of 6:09 minutes per kilometer. I told my kids that I will be running an average pace of 9:50 minutes per mile or 6:05 minutes per kilometer during the race. Hopefully, finishing the race in 4:30:00 hours!

So, on this particular run, I tried to run with the 6:05-min pace to include my runs on the hills and I finished a little slower. The heat might had slowed me down on my last 2 kilometers as it was almost midday when I was about to finish the distance.

I hope to do more stretching on the remaining days before the marathon. 

The main goal here is to experience running a Marathon with my kids and show them that I can still finish it at my age. This will be my first Marathon running with them.

Two days ago, we were already talking and planning to run together again for the 2009 Los Angeles Marathon on March.

Nice idea. Why not?

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