Pictures @ Badwater Ultramarathon

 The following pictures were taken during Day 1 of the Badwater Ultramarathon.

This is the Support Vehicle of Pam Reed where at least 5 big Coleman Ice Chests are intact inside where ice cold provisions are properly organized depending on what segments along the route they are being used. Each participant is allowed one Support Vehicle and one Crew Vehicle with proper and visible markings on the back and sides.

David Goggins (DNF) talking to Lisa Renee Smith-Batchen (Bib #7) from Tucson, Arizona who finished # 67 overall with a time of 47:17:30 hours.

Pam Reed finished #5 overall with a time of 27:42:52 hours.

Jamie Donaldson is the cute lady with a white cap infront David Goggins. She won the ladies category in 26:51:33 hours breaking the women’s record time which was established by Pam Reed in 2002 by 1 hour & 5 minutes. She finished 3rd overall beating Dean Karnazes by almost 20 minutes who placed 4th overall. Read her Badwater recap story in her blog. 

Akos Konya (#2) finished in 2nd place with a time of 23:49:44 hours. Jorge Pacheco, behind Konya in the picture, finished as the Champion with a time of 23:20:16 hours where he improved by almost two hours from his 4th place finish last year. David Goggins (behind Pacheco) declared himself as DNF upon reaching Panamint Springs (Mile Point #72). Dean Karnazes finished 4th overall with a time of 27:11:00 hours improving his time and standing from last year’s event by 4 hours & 20 minutes and from 10th last year to 4th place overall.

Eight (8) lady participants finished on the top 14 overall finishers in the Badwater Ultramarathon.

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8 thoughts on “Pictures @ Badwater Ultramarathon

  1. sfrunner

    BR….fantastic recap and photos. Ultramarathoning and marathoning do have something in common – unpredicatbility. Jorge Pacheco, whom I’ve heard of once before – last year’s Badwater didn’t get much in the way of press coverage. Also, eight women in the top 14…that is tremenduous! Hats off to all those who participated and to you and your wife for covering it for us.


  2. myironshoes

    thank a lot for the the stories and the pictures.. i look forward to reading about your experience as a participant in a future badwater run! 😉 happy running at the sf marathon!


  3. kingofpots

    wayne, i guess, the reason why it is not fully covered by media is because of its selective process of inviting the runners to participate in this event. the race organizers are very careful not to commit or experience fatalities in this challenging race. yes, the women are invading this event and they are really good! my wife was complaining about the heat when we were at the death valley area! but i am glad you liked my pics and recap. thanks & see you soon.

    mark8, you are welcome! anything about running, for sure you will get it from the bald runner! yup, my kids and i are excited in the upcoming san francisco marathon. i’ll keep you posted. thanks!

    spotmiake, thanks and i’ll keep you posted on my running activities here.

    myironshoes, i am thinking of joining the 2010 Badwater and create another blog for this purpose..and maybe start asking for corporate sponsors already. any volunteers for my crew/pacers aside from my kids?


  4. Constantine njeru

    I enjoyed your coverage, thanks for the effort. I wish you all the best as you plan to run 2010 badwater ultra marathon.


  5. kingofpots

    constantine, thanks for the comment. after making a research on the qualifications for an entry to badwater, i found out that it will take some time for me to qualify. anyway, that will be my earliest target year but badwater in 2012, on my 60th birthday, would be doable. keep on running!


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