Recommend For Termination

23 06 2008

I have recommended the termination of the DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap for Marathon effective immediately to the Secretary of National Defense and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines due to the following reasons:

1) Since the creation of this sports program was directed in producing a member or members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines as a potential Olympic Gold Medalist in Marathon and was conceived by a former Secretary of National Defense, this program had never attained its objectives for the past seven years. The other DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap Sports Programs in Shooting, Taekwando, and Boxing were later abandoned after one or two years after it was conceived by the same Secretary of National Defense. It was perceived that the creation of this sports program was a “knee-jerk” reaction or “pa-snappy” effect for the AFP to contribute to the country’s first Olympic Gold Medal. 

2) Sports development, training and sustainment of support to elite national athletes are not the “core functions” of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Hence, the financial support to the DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap was not within the budgetary programs of the Major Services and that the Department of National Defense does not have any support to this program.

3) Since my retirement, there is no senior officer who had been designated to act as the Chairman of the said sports program. What is worse is that there are no interested senior officers to fill in the vacancy. Leadership and management of this kind of sports program must be given to somebody who is “hands-on” with the sports of marathon. Since this work is voluntary in nature, all the people involved in running this sports program do not receive any additional compensation or allowances.

4) The development, training, and support to elite athletes is the sole responsibility of the Philippine Sports Commission which is being supported by the government through Republic Act # 6847 which was signed into law by President Corazon C Aquino on January 24, 1990. I will write a separate post on this later.

5) I’ve been getiing mixed and negative reactions from Major Service Commanders on the conduct of road races through the DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap in terms of personnel and financial support. As a part of the program, each Major Service has to send at least 200 runners to participate in any road race and the registration fees of these runners are being given to the race organizer to cover for the finisher’s t-shirt, awards (medals, trophies, & cash), finisher’s certificates, flyers, race packets, free breakfast, water, cups, and other miscellaneous needs and expenses for the road race. I heard one of the Commanders telling me that supporting for 200 soldiers to run is very expensive which will cost his command P 40,000. It is true! It is very expensive but the joy of running and the experience of competing with yourself and with the other runners is something that money can not buy. One Commander also told me that the program could not produce an Olympian Gold Medalist in Marathon from his soldiers for the next 2-3 generations and it is useless continuing the said program. Another Commander also directed his 200 men (coming from his units outside Metro Manila) not to join the race but gave the P 40,000 instead to support the conduct of the race. According to him, bringing 200 of his men to Metro Manila will entail more expenses, higher than the contribution the program was asking from his Command.  Another Commander, whom we thought to be supportive in sports development as he tried to improve the sports facilities in his Command, gave only half of the requested amount instead of paying the full amount as requested/promised to be given. Other VIPs also made comments that the activity was too long for them to wait where they have to wake up early on Sunday morning when we invited them to “fire the starting gun” at 5:00AM and for them to wait up to 8:00AM for the awarding ceremony. It seems that these VIPs would like to have a restfull and undisturbed weekend. Since then, we never attempted to invite civilian VIPs to grace our road race activities. All the comments I have heard were right and their manifestations showed doubts, negative concern or “lukewarm” attitude on the objectives of this sports program.

6) Each Major Service Command of the AFP has its Special Service Unit which directly supervises our national elite athletes who are enlisted with the Armed Foces of the Philippines. This is the appropriate unit to undertake this kind of sports program because it is mandated in their mission and objectives to promote sports development in every soldier in each of the Major Service Commands. The creation of the DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap for Marathon was a duplication of the mission of the Special Service Units. These Special Service Units of the different Major Services of the AFP and PNP are the ones administering the annual “AFP-PNP Olympics”.

Two years as the Chairman of this sports program, in addition to my primary position/job, had been fun and challenging just to be able to pursue its objectives. During my tenure, I was able to conduct five (5) renditions of road races—3 half-marathon races and 2 half-marathon team relay races, with the full support of past and present Commanders, friends in the AFP, and lately from Mizuno Sports.

As the past Chairman of this sports program, I, therefore, express my thanks to the past and present Commanders of the AFP who had supported the conduct of periodic road races under the auspices of the DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap for Marathon and to the untiring sacrifices of the staff and men of the DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap Running Club Incorporated.

Let the DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap for Marathon Sports Program end with my retirement from the active military service.

A new beginning is about to unfold. Watch out for the birth of the “Bald Runner’s Race Events”.




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23 06 2008

Hi BR. You, along with Coach Rio and his staff should be applauded for the running boom in the Philippines. Both of you have a great passion, sacrifice and determination for the sport. I sense that there are runners out there that could reach their dream of an Olympic Games, World Championship or both.

Reading this post even wants me to be a little more involved in the running community here.

Continued success and am looking forward to the “birth.”

23 06 2008

to this i say amen.

count me in as your wingman for this project.

bald men can run.

23 06 2008

what a blog!

“if you have a passion on something, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen”

>>A new beginning is about to unfold. Watch out for the birth of the “Bald Runner’s Race Events”.>>

Bald Runner,
Please… please… remember me when this vision is about to take a shape, i want to be part of it, as a runner or just a mere race volunteer.

Keep on running, push beyond the limit and there is no finish line!

23 06 2008

While reading the 1st part, I was saddened by the near demise of these running events… it had always been fun running a DND-AFP event (though I’ve only run 2 halfs 😀 )… but the ending deserves a loud WOOHAA!

I was hoping you’d take up putting running events after you retire… and here it is! I have a feeling your events will one day be as big as the Milo run events 😀 I can see it already, The BaldRunner Marathon!

Sir, count me in as one of your supporters! 😀

23 06 2008

I’d be honored to be part of the Bald Runner’s running events. count me in as well.

23 06 2008

Hi BR,

You did a great thing. I hope some forward-looking person will pick up the torch in the future.

That sounds exciting! Who better to run the show than a runner who has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in terms of race management right? And it sounds like you will get the support from the online running community in the Philippines. I look forward to seeing more details about your foray into race management.

By the way, if I make it to Manila it will be the weekend of July 4-6. My plans will become definite after I get to Cebu this week. I’ll let you know.

Have a great day BR!


23 06 2008

Hi BR,

You did lots of great things for the DND Gintong pangarap and I’m sure you touched lots of runnners who wants to contribute in producing not only potential olympians but also encouraging others to join and have that passion for running. Count me in as well.

Looking Forward to the Bald Runner’s running events.

23 06 2008

here’s a suggestion for your future running event….

I ROCK, I RUN 2008….

sir jovie, go for it. i will help you with the one precious thing for these events….water!!!!!!

23 06 2008

i can relate to your frustrations…i am deeply touched…but towards the end of your recommendation i can feel the upcoming birth of new and exciting events to unfold in the running community… tell them to watch out for jovie-lation run soon…mabuhay ka, Bald Runner!

23 06 2008

We’ll definitely wait for it to unfold, BR. Rest assure that me and my group will be active participants and PROMOTERS of your events!

I have always been hoping that somebody can organize a series of races that will start at the beginning of a calendar year, and will gradually (and scientifically) increase, in terms of distance, in each (monthly?) race; and will culminate as a full marathon towards the end of the year! I believe this is a compelling training program to those who are aiming to do their first full-marathon!

More power to you, BR!!!


23 06 2008

wayne, thanks for those nice words. the more that i will be inspired to pursue promoting running and other endurance sports to our countrymen.

bugo2x, thanks. of course, you will always be my wingman! bald runners will be free!..hahaha!

highaltitude, all readers to this blog will be informed on the updates and developments of the baldrunner’s events. my staff are already busy laying the foundations. thanks for your support.

loony, thanks for that supportive comment. the events will not be limited to full marathon but beyond that to include ultras, trail running, and other endurance/adventure sports

taki, thanks for the support. i hope you have recovered from your injury. see you at the mizuno 15k run.

qsilver, i am looking forward of meeting you while you are in manila. i need to get some inputs from you about my plans. thanks for the support.

junc, thanks for the nice comment and for your support. keep on running!

bugo2x, thanks for the idea and volunteering for the supply of water.

annalene, thanks. we hope to give more fun and challenging experiences to the runners. keep on running.

nolan, that would be a nice idea and i am going to consider that. thanks for the support and encouraging words.

23 06 2008
Passion Runner

WOW! This seems exciting 🙂 I was just talking about you to the people who were registering at Mizuno for the Rush to Infinity. They were asking me if I knew Bald Runner and the Bull Runner personally. I told them that the two of you will definitely be at the race this Sunday. Looking forwards to chatting with you come race day 🙂

24 06 2008

This is great news! The Philippines will become a running hotspot because of you… you really are destined to be the “Godfather of Philippine Running” 😀

24 06 2008

eric, i will be there at the mizuno 15K run and thanks for “marketing” the bald runner.

loony, thanks. everybody will be informed about our plans. see you this sunday

27 06 2008

Hi Br,

I just read all the missed articles and posts. I miss running but I’m sure to run again with you guys soon. I agree with your recommendation. As with your plan of organizing running events, count me in as one of your supporters. I got ideas from surf ski competitions that you can incorporate in your events.

28 06 2008

mark, i know you’ve been away for some time and we missed your comments. thanks for the support and we’ll invite you in one of our “planning sessions”. more inputs for better results. hope to see you soon!

1 07 2008
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3 07 2008


I always enjoy coming to this site because you offer great tips and advice for people like me who can always use a few good pointers. I will be getting my friends to pop around fairly soon….

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