Running & Golf

Running and Golf complement with one another. For you to develop endurance in walking from one hole to another, running is a good sports to develop strength and endurance to one’s legs and stamina. It develops also the legs to be stable during golf swings, most especially in the last 9 holes. Once golfers reach the “green” to putt, the player who is a runner does not have to be breathing heavily and has the stable pulse to putt the ball into the hole.

Last Monday afternoon, 31 March, I decided to review my golf swing in our Parade Ground at Jamindan. The Parade Ground has two tee-off areas and one “green”/hole and the farthest distance is about 200 yards.

I started my warm-up using my Iron Wedge club for a distance of 30-35 yards to the putting green. After hitting at least 30 balls, I shifted my practice driving by using my Fairway Club #5 for a longer distance. I was able to hit another 30 balls using my longer clubs.

After my golf driving practice, I inspected the establishment and completion of a 550-meter jogging lane around the Parade Ground which will serve as Oval Track for the Officers and Enlisted Men in their 2-mile run tests. This had been a plan by former Commanders to build but it never materialized. Within this week and few days before my retirement from the service this plan will become a reality.

The following were some of my pictures during my golf driving practice:

After almost one year of not playing golf, my golf stance is becoming tense, awkward, and “rusty”.

I always remember “slow backswing” and shifting of body weight from the right leg/heel to the left leg and left arm straight up to downswing as tips in a golf swing.

A golf swing finishes with a nice upswing and a nice “form”. The Oval Track/running path is seen on the background where it is initially filled with sand and gravel and later to be overlayed with asphalt.

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