“ONE” Wristband

One year ago today, I started giving this “white” rubber wristband to my officers and to a selected number of my troops who were directly involved in armed firefight/encounter with the armed insurgents in Central and Western Visayas. I even gave this wristband to the Governors and local government officials; to the Catholic Church’s Bishops; members of the media; and friends of the Command. The Governors of Aklan and Iloilo are wearing proudly this “ONE” Wristband up to the present.

In December 2006, during my visit to my family in Los Angeles, my daughter gave me this wristband, explaining to me that there was a Music/Rock Concert that was held in Los Angeles where most of the celebrities, VIPs, and Hollywood Stars were wearing this white “ONE” wristband and wearing this kind of wristband was the “in-thing” that time. Unknowingly, such wristband is a symbol of an advocacy to solve poverty and make poverty a history.  

I used this “white” wristband to explain to the recipient that wearing it is a symbol that he /she is committed to support our mission to solve insurgency as solving poverty greatly affects the overall improvement and maintenance of peace and order in the area.

I’ve been wearing this “ONE” Wristband for one year and you could see it in my pictures in all my road races. I’ve been wearing this wristband with my military uniform, too!

The famous “American Idol” finalists and judges last year were wearing this “ONE” Wristband as they sponsored a support/aid to the poor communities in Africa. During the last Senatorial Elections here in the country last year, the opposition senatorial candidates used this “white wristband” as part of their campaign’s platform, but after the elections, they changed this wristband to a better looking and more expensive bracelets. And the worst is, you seldom hear them “trying” to help solve the problem of poverty. Please correct me if I am wrong on this observation. 

Anyway, I still have 100 pieces of this “ONE” wristband (Made in USA) and I am giving a piece of this to every donor of an old/used running shoes. These wristbands will be available for the first 100 donors. I will be the one who will personally give this wristband.

I hope to see you at the Mizuno Infinity Run.

3 thoughts on ““ONE” Wristband

  1. jhunie16

    Hi Sir,

    Sayang gusto ko sana ng wristband kso wala akong mado-donate na sapatos kasi luma din suot ko pa eh…..kita kits nlng po sa sunday! God Bless!



  2. markfb


    Im leaving my old running shoes (Addidas 11 width d) and a slightly used one (Addidas Cushion 12 width d) with Captain Espejo tomorrow. As Im getting our running shirts, might as well drop them off the same time. I dont know who will benefit from such big shoes but hopefully somebody will.




  3. kingofpots

    jhunie, maybe you can select a newer & better running shoes from the donated shoes. see you on sunday.

    mark, thanks for the donation. i’ll give your “one” wristband on sunday.


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