Wednesday Workout

26 December 2007

It was raining the whole day in Manila. I planned to have a 12-mile run inside Fort Bonifacio and Libingan ng mga Bayani on this day but the weather was really bad for running. Instead, I had a simple workout inside my quarters in Fort Bonifacio which made me sweat a lot!

I did the following Dumbbell exercises with my 15-lb Dumbbell set and other exercises:

         5 X 15 reps  Biceps Curl

         5 X 15 reps  Dumbbell Flyes

         5 X 15 reps  Dumbbell Lifts

         5 X 15 reps  Triceps Extension

         3 X 30 reps  Side Bends with Dumbbells—each side (Left & Right)

         5 X 50 reps  Knee Bends with Hands holding Dumbbells on sides

         5 X 50 reps  Heel Raises with Hands holding Dumbbells

         5 X 30 reps  Push-Ups

         5 X 30 reps  Bent-Knee Sit-Ups

         20 minutes  Stretching before and after the workout.

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