Nathan Water Belt

I bought this hip-mounted canted water bottle belt, together with my Asics Tiger “Cumulus” Running Shoes, last December 2006 at Phidippides Store in Ventura Blvd., Encino, California. I was attracted to buy this item after observing and seeing most of the average runners at the 1st City of Angels Half-Marathon Race were wearing this particular water belt. I was not particular with the name of the manufacturer/brand that time but I was after a “new style” of carrying a water jug and a small energy drink container snugged with the body during running practices.

In combat shooting, there is a particular gun holster which is positioned at the back of the body. They call this the “SOB” (Small Of the Back) holster. For this particualr water belt, I would like to call it “SOB” Water Belt! I think my wife paid $ 35.00 for the said item. It has a zippered pocket which can fit my Nokia 9300i phone and my reading glasses!

As I reached home, when I read the “Brochure & Warranty Papers” tied with the Nathan Water Belt, I found out that it was “Made in the Philippines”!!!

Last Wednesday, I used this Nathan “SOB” Water Belt for the second time since I bought it. It was useful as I ran almost 1 hour and 50 minutes for my speed tempo runs.

dsc03723.jpg                       dsc03726.jpg

These pictures were taken inside my quarters in Fort Bonifacio after my speed tempo runs.

I don’t experience any bounce with the water jug as long as the elastic belt is adjusted properly and fitted tight to the waist. The bottle could be easily reached by the right hand. I highly recommend this runner’s accessory for long slow distance running practices, but not in actual road races.

One thought on “Nathan Water Belt

  1. sfrunner

    Hi Sir Jovie. The owner of our store had some Nathan Water Belts brought in. I actually took a jog around the block with the one that you showed on the photo. Definitely, I was happy with it although I don’t think I would use it in a marathon. Definitely, a long workout would be good with this one.


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