My Running Shoes

When I was a cadet at the Academy, there was only one type of athletic/sports shoes issued to everybody, that was the Converse Rubber Shoes (Hi-cut), colored white, which was basically for Basketball. Yes, that was the running shoes we used in that long distance race where I had my first taste of competetive running.

During my first and second Alumni Homecoming Running Competitions in 1980 & 1981, I was using the cheapest Adidas Running Shoes which was made of soft leather and thin soles. Although it was heavy as compared in today’s running shoes’ technology, this particular shoes endured my long distance runs which made me one of the top runners among my peers.

My wife left for the USA on the later part of 1981 and since then I was getting a regular supply of “state-of-the-art” running shoes. She sent me the latest model of the New Balance Series 300. I guess, she had chosen New Balance because the symbol “N” on the sides of the shoes corresponds to the first letter of our last name. At that time, it was only the New Balance shoes that were exclusively “Made in USA” while Adidas Shoes were made in Germany then. Since 1981, I used at least two models of New Balance Running Shoes in my running practices and was able to finish three (3) Marathon Races up to 1983. I really liked New Balance shoes because it was the lightest running shoe at that time that provides comfort on the heel portion because of its thick soles and it has an integrated anti-pronation system. Up to this time, I am still using a New Balance Shoes for my practice runs. Although my shoes (NB 716) which was bought three years ago is already old, I still feel comfortable with it. This is the shoes I am using here in the mountains of Jamindan.

During the summer of 1983, I ordered from my wife the lightest running shoes in the market and specifically asked her an ASICS Tiger Running Shoes. Since then, I’ve been using ASICS Tiger Shoes for my racing days. Presently, I am using a “Cumulus” Model of ASICS Tiger which my wife bought last December 2006 at the Phidippides  Sports Center, along Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA. I really like and appreciate the staff of this sports store as they made me run for about 50 meters to observe my footwork. This is my fourth ASICS Tiger running shoes since 1983. If my recollection is right, I have been using ASICS Tiger shoes to finish another five (5) Marathon races since then.

So, as an old runner, my running shoes preference is limited to my New Balance shoes which I use for my running practices and my ASICS Tiger shoes which I use only for my competetive races.

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