Overall Result: 1st WEST COAST 200K Ultramarathon Race (3 Days)

21 11 2012

FIRST CLASS Graduates, West Coast 200K Ultramarathon Race

1st WEST COAST 200K Ultramarathon Race

5:00 AM November 1, 2012-6:00 AM November 4, 2012

Remy Field Oval Track, Subic Freeport (Olongapo City) to Barangay Lucap Port, Alaminos, Pangasinan

Starters: 33 Runners

Finishers: 29 Runners

Total Cut-Off Time: 36 Hours

1 Marcelo Bautista (Champion, CR) 19:32:29
2 Alfred Delos Reyes (1st Runner-Up) 24:07:16
3 Henry Laron (2nd Runner-Up) 24:41:23
4 Bob Castilla 26:33:02
5 Reylynne Dela Paz (Champion, Female) 27:28:48
6 Graciano Santos 27:48:03
7 Don Gutierrez 28:41:03
8 Ronnel Go 28:44:31
9 Jonel Mendoza 29:06:57
10 Mac Milan 29:40:47
11 Dante Sagayap 30:01:19
12 TJ Isla 30:09:29
13 Alain Cuchas Llagono 30:26:52
14 Tin Ferrera (1st Runner-Up, Female) 30:31:17
15 Jorell Anthony Paringit 30:45:42
16 Calvin John Escandor 30:50:36
17 Bong Alindada 31:36:14
18 Ma. Josephine Liao (2nd Runner-Up, F) 31:46:32
19 Meljohn Tezon 31:47:21
20 Ricardo Cabusao, Jr 32:09:46
21 George Dolores 32:50:37
22 Carl Balagot 33:36:51
23 Yob Red 33:43:04
24 Jinky Yray (F) 34:06:47
25 Hazel Arnaiz (F) 34:06:59
26 Kharl Ocampo 34:08:24
27 Alex Jones 34:26:16
28 Ron Illana 34:46:08
29 Roger Villareal 35:32:50

Congratulations to everbody. See you next year!

Volunteer-Aid Stations & Others

20 11 2012

The 1st WEST COAST 200K Ultramarathon Race would not be a success without the initiative and generosity of the people who selflessly offered their time and support to the runners along the route of the event. These people are residents of some of the municipalities that runners would pass.

These people had surprisingly offered help in establishing Aid Station in their respective hometown by giving water, cola drinks, electrolyte drinks, boiled eggs, boiled bananas and some bite foods to each of the runner passing in their respective area.

John Maigue With A Tarpaulin Banner @ San Felipe, Zambales

In San Felipe, Zambales, John Maigue positioned one tricycle full of water, cola drinks and food near the Cemetery of the Municipality. The Aid Station was a welcome relief to all the runners as they were fighting with the hot condition of the road. He also became the instant reporter on the exact time that each runner had passed his location.

In Masinloc, Zambales (on the 2nd stage), the Vice-Mayor of the Municipality, Honorable Jeffrey Bautista offered bottles of Gatorade, Water, boiled eggs and bananas to each of the runner.

Hon. Jeffrey Bautista, Vice-Mayor of Masinloc, Zambales

Once the runners crossed the boundary of Zambales and Pangasinan, another ultrarunner who finished in the 1st Marcos-Kennon 50-Mile Ultra Classic Run came all the way from Alaminos, Pangasinan aboard his personal vehicle filled with bottled water and Gatorade drinks to meet every runner along the way and share whatever support he can give. He was too shy to have a picture with me but I told him that it is the least way I could thank him for his time and effort. Looking at his shirt that he was wearing, he is one of my “silent” sponsors for this running event. He is Joel Balagtas from Alaminos, Pangasinan and he promised to me that he is slowly getting back his form as an ultrarunner after he was sidelined from an injury. Thanks, Joel for the support and hope to see you again in our future runs in Pangasinan.

Joel Balagtas of Alaminos, Pangasinan (Magic Appliances)

On the third and last leg of the event in Dasol, Pangasinan, RJ Knight Runner’s parents and relatives also established an Aid Station along the route. His relatives and friends were out of their houses cheering each runner that stopped or passed on the said Station. It was a lovely sight to see these people on the side of the Highway waiting for the arrival of each runner, cheering them as they approached, and telling each runner to have a quick stop for the water & food prepared by them. They waited from 8:00 PM to almost midnight when the last runner passed their location.

Nice One, RJ

Water, Food, Salt, & Cheers!

RJ’s Family & Relatives

Harry & RJ Knight Runner’s Parents in Dasol, Pangasinan

What made the event more significant was the show of support and care by those support crew with support vehicle on those runners without any support vehicle or crew. These unsupported runners were ready for any eventuality as they prepared themselves to get their support from those “sari-sari” stores and local “convenience” stores along the way. One of the support crew even asked me if he/she will not be disqualified from supporting other runners in addition to his/her runner. And I said it’s not. There was so much generosity and camaraderie among the runners during the 3 days that they lived and stayed together.

Worthy to mention also are the “instant” official photographers of the event who took pictures to all the runners and who had the patience to post those hundreds of pictures on Facebook. My special thanks to Juvy Pagtalunan, Lyra Cruzelle Dapito Rosario, Jorell Anthony Paringit, and Rexie Saldivar for their excellent “multi-tasking” performance during the event.

For those 33 runners who joined this first edition of the FIRST Multi-Stage Ultra Marathon Race in ASIA (per stage), you are already a part in the history of running in the country. Congratulations to everybody!

Official Result: 1st WEST COAST 200 Ultramarathon Race/ 3rd Day

18 11 2012

1st WEST COAST 200K Ultramarathon Race/ 3rd & Last Day

8:00 PM November 3, 2012-6:00 AM November 4, 2012

Start: Municipal Plaza/Park, Infanta, Pangasinan

Finish: Barangay Lucap Port, Alaminos, Pangasinan

Distance: 56.6 Kilometers

Number of Starters: 30

Number of Finishers: 29

@ Infanta, Pangasinan Municipal Plaza With 30 Runners

1 Marcelo Bautista 5:15:01
2 Alfred Delos Reyes 6:46:33
3 Henry Laron 7:03:52
4 Graciano Santos 7:04:47
5 Bob Castilla 7:05:04
6 Jorell Anthony Paringit 7:09:02
7 Ronnel Go 7:10:19
8 Ricardo Cabusao Jr 7:15:42
9 Alain Cuchas Llagono 7:21:19
10 Dante Sagayap 7:24:45
11 Jonel Mendoza 7:34:00
12 Bong Alindada 7:35:41
13 Roger Villareal 7:49:43
14 Reylynne Dela Paz (F) 7:54:14
15 George Dolores 7:56:22
16 Mac Milan 8:11:37
17 Carl Balagot 8:17:23
18 Don Gutierrez 8:18:04
19 TJ Isla 8:18:35
20 Tin Ferrera (F) 8:25:29
21 Ma. Josephine Liao (F) 8:28:13
22 Meljohn Tezon 8:28:21
23 Calvin John Escandor 8:47:01
24 Yob Red 8:52:25
25 Kharl Ocampo 8:52:37
26 Jinky Yray (F) 8:52:45
27 Hazel Arnaiz (F) 8:52:48
28 Alex Jones 9:06:57
29 Ron Illana 9:07:17
30 Stephanie Hefti DNF/28K

2013 PAU/BR’s Events Schedule Of Ultra Races

16 11 2012


January 12, 2013—-BDM 102 Test Run: From BDM Km 00 to BDM Km 50

January 26-27, 2013—-3rd Bataan Death March 160 Ultra Marathon Race

February 10, 2013—-BDM 102 Test Run: From BDM Km 50 to BDM Km 102

March 2-3, 2013—-5th Bataan Death March 102 Ultra Marathon Race

March 23/24, 2013—-1st Siquijor 360 Ultra Marathon Race

April 6, 2013—-3rd Mt Mayon 360 50-Mile Ultra Marathon Race

April 13-14, 2013—-2nd Marcos-Kennon 50-Mile Ultra Run (Rosario, La Union) POSTPONED

May 1, 2013 (Labor Day)—-5th Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Run (T2N)

May 12, 2013 (Election Day)—-2nd Western Pangasinan 65K Ultra Marathon Race (Sual to Bolinao)

June 12, 2013 (Independence Day)—-1st Mt Tirad Pass 50K Ultra Run

July 13-14, 2013—-1st Negros Occidental 50-Mile Run (San Carlos City To Bacolod City)

August 3, 2013—-3rd Fort Magsaysay 60K Ultra Run

August 24-25, 2013—–1st Bataan Six-Peak Ultra Challenge

September 14-15, 2013—-2nd PAU National Championship 110K/50K Ultra Race (Guimaras)

October 12-13, 2013—-1st Mt Pinatubo 100K/4th Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

November 1-3, 2013—-2nd WEST COAST 200K Multi-Day Stage Run & 1st WEST COAST 200 Endurance Run (Single Stage)

November 17, 2013—-6th Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Run (T2N)

December 1, 2013—-1st Mt Pulag 50K Challenge

December 14-15, 2013—-3rd Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Endurance Run & 50-Mile Run

Official Result: 1st WEST COAST 200 Ultramarathon Race/ 2nd Day

11 11 2012

1st WEST COAST 200K Ultramarathon Race/Second Day

5:00 AM-7:00 PM November 2, 2012

Start: Municipal Park/Plaza, Botolan, Zambales

Finish: Municipal Plaza/Park, Infanta, Pangasinan

Distance: 72.5 Kilometers

Number of Starters: 32

Number of Finishers: 30

@ The Starting Line, Municipal Plaza/Park, Botolan, Zambales

1 Marcelo Bautista 7:14:02
2 Alfred Delos Reyes 8:57:29
3 Henry Laron 9:07:41
4 Graciano Santos 9:58:48
5 Bob Castilla 10:09:56
6 Reylynne Dela Paz (F) 10:15:11
7 Don Gutierrez 11:07:26
8 Ronnel Go 11:21:38
9 Jonel Mendoza 11:39:57
10 Mac Milan 11:50:07
11 Dante Sagayap 11:52:10
12 Tin Ferrera (F) 12:02:32
13 TJ Isla 12:02:34
14 Jorell Anthony Paringit 12:11:47
15 Ricardo Cabusao, Jr 12:17:12
16 George Dolores 12:17:15
17 Alain Cuchas Llagono 12:20:36
18 Calvin John Escandor 12:20:48
19 Bong Alindada 12:21:51
20 Ma. Josephine Liao (F) 12:30:41
21 Meljohn Tezon 12:30:48
22 Yob Red 13:13:33
23 Kharl Ocampo 13:13:38
24 Carl Balagot 13:37:13
25 Jinky Yray (F) 13:43:00
26 Hazel Arnaiz (F) 13:43:06
27 Alex Jones 13:47:20
28 Ron Illana 13:47:28
29 Stephanie Hefti (F) 15:03:49
30 Roger Villareal 15:03:53
31 Manny Ocampo DNF/28K
32 Ariel Aquino DNF/17K

***Those who finished the 2nd leg whose times were more than 14 hours were allowed to run for the next stage the following day (last stage).

Picture Of The Week #12

7 11 2012

“Will You Marry Me?”

@ The Finish Line of WEST COAST 200 Ultramarathon Run!


Official Result: 1st WEST COAST 200 Ultramarathon Race/1st Day

7 11 2012

1st WEST COAST 200K Ultramarathon Race/First Day

5:00 AM-5:00 PM November 1, 2012

Start: Remy Field Oval Track, Subic Freeport, Olongapo City

Finish: Municipal Plaza/Park, Botolan, Zambales

Distance: 72 Kilometers

Number of Starters: 33

Number of Finishers: 32

1 Marcelo Bautista 7:03:26
2 Alfred Delos Reyes 8:23:14
3 Henry Laron 8:29:50
4 Don Gutierrez 9:15:33
5 Bob Castilla 9:18:03
6 Reylynne Dela Paz (F) 9:19:23
7 Mac Milan 9:39:03
8 Calvin John Escandor 9:42:47
9 TJ Isla 9:48:20
10 Jonel Mendoza 9:53:00
11 Tin Ferrera (F) 10:03:16
12 Ronnel Go 10:12:34
13 Dante Sagayap 10:44:24
14 Graciano Santos 10:44:28
15 Alain Cuchas Llagono 10:44:57
16 Ma. Josephine Liao (F) 10:47:38
17 Meljohn Tezon 10:48:12
18 Jorell Anthony Paringit 11:24:53
19 Jinky Yray (F) 11:31:02
20 Hazel Arnaiz (F) 11:31:05
21 Manny Ocampo 11:31:10
22 Alex Jones 11:31:59
23 Yob Red 11:37:06
24 Bong Alindada 11:38:42
25 Carl Balagot 11:42:15
26 Ariel Aquino 11:45:18
27 Ron Illana 11:51:23
28 Kharl Ocampo 12:02:09
29 Ricardo Cabusao Jr 12:36:52
30 George Dolores 12:37:00
31 Stephanie Hefti (F) 12:39:12
32 Roger Villareal 12:39:14
33 Victor Ting DNF/57K

***Those who finished the 1st leg whose times were more than 12 hours were allowed to run for the next stage the following day.


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