Official Result: 1st MAYON 160K Ultra Marathon Race

11 04 2015

1st MAYON 160K Ultra Marathon Race

Start & Finish Area: Penaranda Park, Legazpi City (Albay)

Start Time: 2:00 AM April 10, 2015

Finish Time: 10:00 AM April 11, 2015

Cut-Off Time: 32 Hours

Number Of Starters: 46

Number Of Finishers: 37

Percentage Of Finish: 80.43%

Route Map & Course Elevation

Route Map & Course Elevation

RANK    NAME                 TIME (Hrs)

1.  Lao Ogerio (Overall Champion, Course Record) ——23:47:13
2.  Reynaldo Oros (1st Runner-Up, Overall) —————-24:03:36
3.  Bonifacio Balleras (2nd Runner-Up, Overall)———24:03:38
4.  Beda Abugan —————————————————24:50:42
5.  Roberto Villamor ———————————————-25:33:25
6.  Bob Castilla —————————————————-26:36:35
7.  Barrey Red ——————————————————27:12:24
8.  Dante Adorador ————————————————27:27:24
9.  Henry Castillo —————————————————27:55:38
10. Mark Tibo-oc —————————————————-28:03:59
11. Sherwin Ivan Joboli ——————————————-28:08:56
12. Ruben Veran —————————————————28:26:17
13. Cris Liwanagan ————————————————28:27:58
14. Joefren Perez ————————————————-28:34:18
15. Glen Calixto —————————————————28:34:21
16. Dindo Almoquera ———————————————28:56:05
17. Joseph Pili ——————————————————29:02:25
18. Janice Mauricio (Female Champion) ————-29:08:40
19. Jude Thaddeus Singson ———————————29:28:11
20. Ernesto Badong ——————————————-29:31:17
21. Noel Ko ——————————————————29:43:37
22. Gia Estrella (1st Runner-Up, Female) ———29:44:24
23. Cheryl Bihag 2nd Runner-Up, Female) ——-29:51:31
24. Benedict Meneses —————————————-29:53:33
25. Eusebio Cabidog ——————————————30:00:02
26. Arianne Ortega (Female) ——————————-30:18:10
27. Peach Tamayo (Female) ——————————-30:25:17
28. Elmar Bob Tolete —————————————-30:25:20
29. Marck Arcky Imperial ———————————30:29:22
30. Joji Salvador ————————————————30:34:40
31. Joseph Evasco ———————————————30:42:39
32. Yolly Barja (Female) ——————— ————30:55:27
33. Zaldy Santillan ——————————————-30:56:34
34. Elly Casulla ————————————————31:02:56
35. Lauro Daliwag ———————————————31:07:39
36. Kelvin Dela Torre —————————————31:19:37
37. Alvin Cesar ————————————————-31:21:14

Brave Warriors Of The 1st MAYON 160K Ultra Marathon

Brave Warriors Of The 1st MAYON 160K Ultra Marathon

Overall Champion & Course Record Holder Lao Ogerio

Overall Champion & Course Record Holder Lao Ogerio

Congratulations To All The Finishers!!!

Official Result: 2015 Bataan Death March 160K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 160)

26 01 2015

5th/2015 Bataan Death March 160K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 160)

Bataan Death March Shrine, Mariveles, Bataan To Capas National Shrine, Camp O’Donnell, Capas, Tarlac

5:00 AM January 24 To 1:00 PM January 25, 2015

Cut-Off Time: 32 Hours

Number Of Starters: 76

Number Of Finishers: 71

Percentage Of Finish: 93.4%

Group Picture @ The BDM Km Post #00

Group Picture @ The BDM Km Post #00 (Photo By Marlon Galindo)

Class #2015 Of The BDM 160K Ultra Marathon Race

Class 2015 Of The BDM 160K Ultra Marathon Race (Photo By Marlon Galindo)





Lao Ogerio (Champion, Overall) 22:48:59


Ador Sietereales (1st Runner-Up, Overall) 23:43:22


Percival Dictado (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) 23:43:51


Roman Mabborang 24:21:52


Bong Alindada 25:00:43


Joji Salvador 25:44:04


Dennis Villanueva 25:47:14


Enstein Calaoa Jr 26:16:41


Werner Cruz 26:26:11


Melojane Amit (Champion, Female) 26:30:53


Myk Dauz 26:48:59


Chae Youngsuk 26:49:25


Edrick Nicdao 26:50:37


Elmer Caballes 26:55:58


Tess Leono (1st Runner-Up, Female) 27:04:21


Joel Simsiman 27:20:23


Rodel Mendoza Jr 27:27:48


Fernando Balane 27:38:51


JC Sta. Teresa 27:47:23


Dennis Uy 27:47:54


Arthur Ryan Dolina 27:48:29


Rodney Cabahug 27:48:59


Aaron Laron 27:50:14


Henry Laron 27:50:24


Regie Lazerna 27:53:28


Randy Miranda 27:53:59


Edwin Cruz 27:58:02


Bong Anastacio 28:02:37


Joseph Pineda 28:04:31


Dennis Chavez 28:10:07


Randy Ong 28:22:40


Archie Gascon 28:27:04


Milbert Cabral 28:29:53


Dindo Diaz 28:30:11


Bong Dizon 28:30:43


Richard Allan Mangalip 28:42:43


Rodelio Mendoza 28:43:50


William Marino 28:44:00


Kathleen Pinero (2nd Runner-Up, Female) 28:44:48


Harry Duruin 28:52:08


Richelle Perez (Female) 29:01:05


Meljohn Tezon 29:01:26


Alen Alban 29:14:19


Eden Pagsolingan 29:18:58


Doodsie Mallari (Female) 29:20:12


Eddie Vega 29:36:17


Bong Capiton 29:41:27


Ronnel Go 29:50:37


Thea Sangrador (Female) 29:51:14


Inocencio Rosario Jr 29:55:09


Evan Lu 29:59:59


Ricky Sangalang 30:06:48


Obeth Malana 30:21:06


Allan De Lima 30:21:26


Christian Pabatao 30:22:05


Lito Mallari 30:28:12


Jerry Briones 30:30:12


Almar Danguilan 30:37:05


Roberto Vocal Jr 30:43:38


Addison Sayoc 30:57:12


Katherine Villaflor (Female) 31:09:10


Wilson John Barbon 31:11:35


Edwin Fernandez 31:17:40


Mary Joanne Sapalasan (Female) 31:17:53


John Israel Ocampo 31:18:11


Ronaldo Robles 31:19:12


Ian Christian Torres 31:20:50


Reese Rogel (Female) 31:22:03


Gerson Yuson 31:25:57


Loradel Hanopol (Female) 31:58:53


Lady Dianne Palongan (Female) 31:59:28
Overall Champion Lao Ogerio

Overall Champion Lao Ogerio

Female Champion Melojane Amit

Female Champion Melojane Amit

Congratulations To All The Finishers! See you next year!

Cut-Off Times (Part 2)

14 10 2014

I made a post about the cut-off times of running events in my post in this blog on May 17, 2011. Until this time, I don’t see any reason why Race Organizers/Directors had to impose cut-off times in their events. For the Marathon Races where most of the city roads are closed from vehicular traffic, six (6) hours is a decent time as a cut-off time in order to relieve the riding public of the inconvenience it would bring if the race is extended up to nine or ten or twelve hours. But on second thought, the cut-off time being imposed is not for the safety of the runners of the event but for the convenience of everybody.

In my post, I made mention of some of the popular ultra races in the world with their prescribed cut-off times.  It is obvious that Road Ultras have a shorter cut-off times than those mountain trail races, except for the Badwater Ultra Marathon Race. UTMB’s 166K has a cut-off time of 46 hours; Hardrock 100 which is dubbed as the hardest mountain trail ultra in the USA has a cut-off time of 48 hours; Barkley Marathon has a cut-off time of 60 hours where each loop of 20 miles has a cut-off time of 12 hours; and the most prestigious Western States 100-Mile Endurance Race has a cut-off time of 30 hours.

Each of these ultra races has their reason why the Race Organizer/RD have to impose cut-off times. Moreover, there are intermediate cut-off time in every checkpoint along the route which forces the runner to meet such times, or else, he/she would be disqualified. Such intermediate cut-off times are being strictly enforced as race marshals would strip each runner of their race bib or tag and advised not to be allowed to continue the race.

I would surmise also that such cut-off times are being imposed by the Bureau of Parks and Wildlife which manages or administers safety in these wilderness parks as one of the conditions for the issuance of event permits.

Without any reference on these cut-off times, I would conclude that the Race Directors, who are former ultra runners during their prime age, would be able to “test run” the course by themselves and come up with an arbitrary cut-off time based from their personal capability or finish time results. Or maybe, they invited some of their ultra friends to “test run” the course and get the “mean/average” time of the finishers.

When I thought of organizing the Bataan Death March 102 Ultra Marathon Race, it was a challenge for me to come up with a decent cut-off time for the whole race. After conducting some “50K test runs” with my ultra running friends, I was able to come up with the 18-hour cut-off time, where an average well-trained marathon runner would be able to finish a distance of 50K in 9 hours, which way beyond the 6-hour cut-off time for a marathon (42K) race. This is the reason why one of the qualifications of a BDM 102 participant is a Marathon Finisher.

As for the BDM 160, I just added another 9 hours and another 3 hours for the remaining distance of 58 kilometers where I considered the heat and humidity in the country as the main challenge to finish this event.

When I thought of coming with the first trail ultra marathon race in the country, I would conduct by myself a “test run” on the course by dividing the whole distance of 162 kilometers into two parts. Thus, I came up with 32 hours as the cut-off time for the 1st Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Endurance Race which was maintained for the past 3 years/editions.

As I ran through roads and trails in the country, I made sure that I would “test run” any course/route that I would like to be transformed into an ultra running event for the runners.

I never changed on how I would come up with the “cut-off” time for my races. I would “test run” the course and whatever time I would register as my finish time, such time will be considered as the official cut-off time for the ultra event. Considering my present age to run through the course, I think it would be fair that my finish time will be the target time for the younger runners.

It should be noted that Intermediate Cut-Off Time is the time that a runner would leave the Checkpoint.

So, what is my message in this post? It simply means that a well-trained ultra runner could easily finish my ultra races within the prescribed cut-off times. These cut-off times (intermediate and whole course) will be one’s measurement or gauge if proper training and preparation had been made prior to the event. If one could not meet such cut-off times, it simply means that one lacks the proper training for the event.

At The Finish Line: "Test Run" For The 1st ANTELOOP 100K Trail Run

At The Finish Line: “Test Run” For The 1st ANTELOOP 100K Trail Run

Let us stop bragging ourselves to have finished a race even if you have finished way beyond the cut-off time. Let us stop giving any “finisher’s loot” for these kind of finishers. A TRUE & OFFICIAL FINISHER is one who finishes the race within the prescribed cut-off time for the event.

Good luck and see you in my future ultra races.


“If I Can Do It, You Can Do It, Too!”

13 02 2014

My First Adventure Run was the Manila To Baguio 240 Kilometer Run which took me 5 days, from February 9-13, 2010, 2 days after I finished the Condura Skyway Marathon with a time of 4:17:++hours.

The primary motivation why I did this run was to show to my readers that a runner who would venture to this kind of running can also “journalize” or document his experience on the road on a near “real time” reporting through a blog. My “pit stops” would include writing something on my blog so that my readers would know the progress of my run. My adventure story would be very detailed so that the reader is transported on the road and places where I was running. In simple terms, I was showing my integrity in doing this adventure run.

The second reason was to show and prove to my Cavalier colleagues/alumni and cadets of the Philippine Military Academy that I could join the yearly Alumni Homecoming in the month of February without riding a bus or a car. There seems to be a problem of Parking Areas in Fort Del Pilar/PMA every time there is an Alumni Homecoming of PMA. For obvious reason, there are Alumni who would join this event with lots of “support vehicles” in tow, from the Officer’s Aide, Family, and Security Detail. If you add up those politicians who are Honorary Members of our Alumni Association attending this event, parking of vehicles would extend up to the Loakan Airport!

As a result of my run, it became a topic of conversation among the Generals and Colonels of the AFP and Alumni of the PMA as it filtered down to the subordinate units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine Army. I just hope that the Vehicular Traffic and Parking Space problems inside Fort Del Pilar during our yearly Alumni Homecoming had been solved (joke!)

Obviously, this Adventure Run was my recovery run after the Condura Skyway Marathon. It is also great way to travel by foot and see the places along the road in a very “slow motion” mode.

Fast Forward. On the last quarter of 2013, I thought of coming up with an ultra race from Luneta Park/Rizal Monument to Rizal Park in Baguio City and came up with a Facebook Event Page. I wanted to limit the number of runners to 30 only but I was surprised to find out that more runners were interested to joining the event. Just like what I did with the West Coast 200, I wanted the runners to experience a multi-day stage running event where they could rest every leg of the event. After 3 days since I posted the Event Page, the applicants for the race had exceeded 35 and more runners would request me to be included in the list after I closed the registration period.

The 250-kilometer distance from Manila to Baguio is divided into 3 legs where the 1st Leg is a 90-Kilometer distance to be completed in 16 hours; the 2nd Leg is also a 90-Kilometer with the same cut-off time; and Final Leg is a 70-Kilometer  to the Finish Line with a cut-off time of 16 hours. The total cut-off time for the race would add up to 48 hours which equivalent to 2 days!

@Rizal Monument, Luneta Park, Manila

@Rizal Monument, Luneta Park, Manila

At the starting line, I could see “new faces” to include Tan Ray from Singapore, Lito Malillin from General Santos City (Mindanao), Rhodz Cordora from Zambaonga City (Mindanao), Dhannie Tan from Manila, Benedict Ngo from Dagupan City, Jaylord Ballao from Team Ek Ek, and members of the Team Snail Runners. The “usual suspects” in my Ultra Races were there and I could see that they are entertaining and talking to the “new faces” in my events.

And The Race Started Before 1:00 AM of Friday

And The Race Started Before 1:00 AM of Friday

There were 42 runners who started the race in front of the Rizal Monument in Luneta Park few minutes before 1:00 AM of Friday, February 7, 2014.

Having declared this event as an adventure run, I am not that type of a Race Director that “spoon feeds” my runners by showing and instructing them very detailed route description and providing them with map, elevation profile, and deploying marshals on every intersection of the road. It is the responsibility of the runner to be observant on the signs along the road and find out the correct route to the Finish Line. It is either a runner would “google” the route or “test run” some portions or conduct a “window tour” while riding a vehicle in order to familiarize with the route.

The first leg/day was considered as a “disaster” for the other runners who were not observant on the signs of the road or they were simply ignorant of where they were on the road. Instead of going to Malolos City after hitting the Tabang Area, runners went straight to the Sta Rita Area (NLEX Entry/Exit for those Vehicles going to Cagayan Valley). Some runners would spent 40 minutes running just to realize that they were on the wrong track. Because of this experience for some of the runners, I allowed all the runners who finished the 1st Leg/Day beyond the cut-off time of 16 hours to still join the 2nd Leg/Day.

1st Runner To Reach Km #90, Jaylord Ballao

1st Runner To Reach Km #90, Jaylord Ballao

2nd Runner, Jael Wenceslao, @ Km Post #90

2nd Runner, Jael Wenceslao, @ Km Post #90

Km Post #90, Finish Line of the 1st Leg & Starting Line of the 2nd Leg,  is located 2 kilometers north of the center of Dau, Mabalacat. Dau is a famous Entry/Exit to and from the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and it has a lot of commercial establishments to include hotels, motels, pension inns and restaurants. This place is an ideal “pit stop” for the runners for their much needed accommodation and food/supply replenishment.

Four runners did not join the start of the 2nd Leg/Day as they declared themselves as DNF. Most of them were victims of the intense heat of the route. Four minutes before 1:00 AM of Saturday, the remaining 38 runners started their run for the 2nd Leg.

I also joined the runners after two minutes from the time I released them. I wanted to practice my nutrition on this time of the night as it became my weakness to be sleepy when running from midnight to the early morning time. Slowly, I was passing some of the runners until I reached Tarlac City. I had to stop when my GPS watch registered a distance of 32 kilometers. Later, while I was driving my car, I found out that I was one kilometer away from the main group of runners.

More Power Walking On The 2nd Day

More Power Walking On The 2nd Day

Self-Support Runner Rhodz Cordora From Zamboanga City

Self-Support Runner Rhodz Cordora From Zamboanga City

The runners were able to experience what I’ve experienced during my Adventure Run on this route. The intense heat of the sun and the road made the runners exhausted and would brought them to run slowly. It was a big test for them to endure as the stretch from Gerona-Paniqui-Moncada-San Manuel and the Pangasinan towns of Rosales, Villasis and Urdaneta were the hottest places along the course. Such stretch covers a distance of 60 kilometers of intense heat!

I decided to shorten the 2nd leg distance by 250 meters and made the famous Matutina Restaurant in Urdaneta City (Pangasinan) as the Finish Line. It was a very convenient place for the runners and their support team to rest and eat their snacks/lunch and dinner. I hope in the next year’s event, I will be able to get the said restaurant as one of the Race Sponsors.

Alfred Delos Reyes Arriving At The Finish Line On the 2nd Leg

Alfred Delos Reyes Arriving At The Finish Line On the 2nd Leg

I had to be strict on the implementation of the prescribed cut-off time on the 2nd day and it resulted to only 25 runners who would finish for the day. Runners were able to get accommodation within the city and most of the runners had more time to rest before the last leg of the event. Little did I know that there were some “drama” and/or “strategy sessions” being made by some of the top ten runners on how they would run the last leg of the course. However, one thing was sure as I’ve seen on the faces of these runners—they all wanted to finish the race and reach Baguio City on foot on the fastest time possible.

Runners from Pangasinan were at the Finish Line at the Matutina Restaurant to cheer the arrival of runners. Dennis Uy from Pozzurubio, Pangasinan, Head/Leader of the Pozzurubio Running Club was there to reiterate his invitation to stop by at his place at Km Post #195 for a “pit stop” for all the runners, support teams and to include my staff.

25 Runners On The Start Of The Last Leg/Day

25 Runners On The Start Of The Last Leg/Day

Few minutes before 1:00 AM of Sunday, 25 remaining runners toed the line and started the last leg of the race. After releasing the runners, I went immediately (aboard my vehicle) to Dennis Uy’s place at Km Post #195 and he established an Aid Station for all the runners with Ice Cold Water, Hot Coffee, local rice cakes called Tupig and Patupat, and Hot Soup #5 with Misua (thin rice noodles). After 24 runners had passed the said Aid Station, the 25th/last runner was having some digestive tract “issues” but he was trying his best to catch up with the group.

Dennis Uy (Yellow Shirt) With The Pozurrubio Running Club

Dennis Uy (Yellow Shirt & Eyeglass) With The Pozurrubio Running Club

Jaylord Ballao of Team EK EK had consistently led the runners from Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 and he was leading by two hours based from their aggregate total times from the rest of the runners. At Kennon Road, he was leading by almost 3-4 kilometers and it would be a matter of time before he would reach the Finish Line with a Course Record.

Jael Wenceslao of 100 Miles Cafe was trailing Jaylord Ballao from the start of the race up to the 3rd Day and he was already sure of getting the 1st Runner-Up position. The “drama” on the 3rd Day was a fight between Lao Ogerio, Alfred Delos Reyes, and Raffy Gabotero as who would be the 3rd, 4th and 5th Overall Top Runners of this Event.

Finally, Alfred Delos Reyes arrived at the Finish Line as the 3rd Runner of the 3rd Leg. Then, Raffy Gabotero came in as the 4th Runner to arrive at the Finish Line. Raffy Gabotero was surprised to know that Lao Ogerio was still on the road towards the Finish Line. Lao Ogerio, after running around the streets of Baguio City, realized that he was lost! It took him 30 minutes to finally find his way to the Finish Line. Despite such mistake, he landed 4th Overall with Raffy Gabotero as the 5th Overall Runner. Alfred Delos Reyes registered a faster pace on the 3rd Leg and eventually got the Third Overall Place for the race.

Podium Finishers (Left To Right: Alfred Delos reyes; Jaylord Ballao; Jael Wenceslao; RD)

Podium Finishers (Left To Right: Alfred Delos reyes; Jaylord Ballao; Jael Wenceslao; RD)

After the cut-off time of 17 hours for this leg, 24 runners arrived and they were declared as the First Official Finishers of the 1st PAU Manila To Baguio 250K 3-Day Stage Ultra Marathon Race.

I consider this Road Race Event as an Epic Run and I could personally assess it as the most challenging road running event race in the country today. My special thanks and appreciation would go to the runners and their teams; Benj Termulo of Our Kitchen Restaurant who established an Aid Station in Meycauayan, Bulacan; Dr Marco Christopher Montaos  of Valenzuela, Bulacan who provided an Aid Station at Bocaue, Bulacan; Juvy Pagtalunan for the Aid Station in Malolos City which served hot coffee and breakfast to all the runners; Dennis Uy of Pozzurubio, Pangasinan; Melan Ku Marquez of Baguio City for the post-race dinner to my staff; and to the BR’s staff. My snappy salute to everybody!

My friends (ultra runners) in Taiwan and South Korea are now telling me that they will train and prepare to join the next edition of this race. It would be a great exposure again for the country in terms of Sports Tourism and for our local ultra runners to mingle and develop friendship with the best ultra runners from our ASEAN brothers.

Two of the runners of this year’s event came all the way from Mindanao and they ran unsupported. Lito Malillin of General Santos City DNFd on the 2nd Day and he told me that he will be coming back for a vengeance on the next edition as he had learned a lot of lessons and experience during the event. Rhodz Cordora of Zambaonaga City, who ran also as unsupported, landed on Top 10 Overall and I consider him as the Most Hardcore Runner among the Finishers!

As I look for the future of this event, I can see great potentials in coming up with “side events” for this race. By next year, we will have a SOLO run for the distance, the multi-day stage (3 days) will still be there, and we will add also a 5-man relay competition (with one woman per team) event.

There are two things that I’ve proven in the conduct of this event. First, my past Adventure Runs can be easily converted as a Road Race Event because I was able to run and survive the distance at the age of 58 years old, and Second, the greatest lesson/experience we got from this event, it proved that we can travel by foot if we want to reach and visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City!

The next Adventure Run to be converted as a Road Race Event will be the “West To East”: Run Across Luzon!

Lace up, get out of the door and run! Keep on running!

Rules & Regulations: 1st West Coast 200K Single Stage (WC200SS) Ultra Marathon Race

22 10 2013

The following are the Rules & Regulations and Additional Information on the conduct of the 1st West Coast 200K Single Stage Ultra Marathon Race on November 1-3, 2013:

1. WEST COAST 200K Single Stage (WC200SS) is a single-stage solo run which will start o/a 5:00 AM of November 1, 2013 at the Remy Field Oval Track in Subic Freeport (Olongapo City) and ends o/a 5:00 AM of November 3, 2013 at the Port of Barangay Lucap, Alaminos, Pangasinan.

2. This is a SOLO run. Runners will run along the Olongapo-Alaminos Highway covering a distance of 200 kilometers. All runner-participants has the option to join as an unsupported or supported. A supported runner can avail of a support vehicle and support crew. An unsupported runner will be on his own as he/she can avail of convenience stores & eateries along the route.

3. Pacer/s are not allowed.

4. Runners should ALWAYS run on SINGLE FILE. Running abreast with other runner-participants will not be allowed. This is a cause for disqualification.

5. Runners should always stay on the farthest left side of the road facing the incoming traffic. The race route is an Open Road and the runners shall share the road with other vehicles. Be always vigilant on your surroundings and be alert on the vehicles in front and behind each runner.

6. A runner-participant is limited to only ONE support vehicle. However, a support vehicle can support a maximum of three (3) runner-participants.

7. Support vehicles should always park on the far RIGHT side of the Highway/Road. A runner will be disqualified if his/her support vehicle is parked on the Left side of the Highway. Support Vehicles shall not be allowed to “shadow” their runner. Only four-wheeled vehicles are allowed as support vehicles.

8. Runners will not be allowed to enter their parked Support Vehicle once the Race starts. Runners should bring a stool or portable chair or folding bed positioned outside their support vehicle (within the view of other runners & roving marshals) if they intend to sit or lie down. Runners will not be allowed to sit or lie on any part of their support vehicle.

9. Runners are required to display a piece of tarpaulin with the words “RACE IN PROGRESS” on any side of their Support Vehicle. Race Organizer will not provide such tarpaulin.

10. Only the NAME of Running Group or Team’s Name of the Runner will be displayed on the runner’s Support Vehicle.

11. Corporate Brands will not be allowed to be displayed on the runner’s Support Vehicle.

12. Runners with Support Vehicle must submit to the Race Secretariat the Type & Make/Model of Vehicle; Color; Number of Support Crew and Plate Number.

13. The prescribed cut-off time for the race is 48 hours. However, there will be intermediate cut-off times along the route on the following checkpoints:

Kilometer #40——7 Hours

Kilometer #80——15 Hours

Kilometer #100—–22 Hours

Kilometer #140—–32 Hours

Kilometer #180—–42 Hours

Kilometer #200—–48 Hours

14. Podium Finishers’ Awards/Trophies will be given to the Top 3 Male & Top 3 Female. Official Finishers (Finishers within the Cut-off time) will be awarded with a Finisher’s Belt Buckle, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s T-Shirt, and Certificate. Corresponding Award Points for the 2013 PAU Runner of the Year will also be awarded.

15. A runner is declared DNF once he/she could NOT cross each checkpoint within the prescribed cut-off time. The runner will not be allowed to run the course once he/she is declared DNF in the race.

16. In case of emergency and/or reports of DNF, the runner or support crew should contact Cellphone # 0918-965-9895 and provide the following information: Name of the Runner; Race Bib Number; Location of the Runner; and Nature of Emergency or Reason For Declaring as DNF.

17. There will be NO Aid Stations along the route. NO Drop Bags will be allowed.

18. It is mandatory for every runner to have his/her hydration system; headlight/lighting system; reflectorized vest; and first-aid kit. These items will be inspected before the start of the race. Unsupported runners must bring with them a cellphone.

19. Registered runners are advised to bring their BPI Deposit Slip to the Starting Area on Race Day and this will be used to redeem their Race Packet/Race Bib.

20. Each of the Municipal Plaza in Botolan, Zambales (Km #70) & Infanta, Pangasinan  (Km #140) has a Covered Court (with Comfort/Bath Rooms) and Lawn Area where runners could sleep/rest and take a bath. Please don’t litter on these areas.

21. This is the FIRST 200K Run under the auspices of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) to be held in the country. Let us maintain the INTEGRITY of this run and be proud to be a participant and much more if you intend to finish the event.

22. It is the responsibility of the runner-participant to inform, advise, and instruct his/her designated support vehicle DRIVER and SUPPORT CREW on the Rules & Regulations of this Event.

23. Runners are reminded of the presence of dogs along the course. Take precautionary measures in dealing with them.

24. Runners are also reminded to talk politely to the locals and greet them as you pass them. There will be a lot of people and vehicles on the cemeteries along the road as the days of the event are declared as “Public Holidays” to honor the dead.

Good luck and have fun!

Finisher's Belt Buckle

Finisher’s Belt Buckle

Update: 3rd Fort Magsaysay To Dingalan 60K Ultra Run

1 08 2013

Details of the Event are posted on the Facebook’s Event Page for the 3rd Edition of this Race. The start time of the race will be at 4:00 AM and the cut-off time is 12 Hours. The following is Facebook link.

Basic Rules and regulations are stated on the link below:

Past Results and Finishers on the 1st and 2nd editions are posted below.

Good luck to all the runners.

(Note: The Race is a GO even with only 20 runners! This is a RAIN or SHINE Event!)


“State of the Nation Address (SONA)” On Ultrarunning

22 07 2013

“Walang matuwid na daan sa ultramarathon. Matutuwid na tao lang ang  mayroon at sila ang mga mararangal na nakakatapos ng ultramarathon” (There are no straight roads/trails in ultras. You have “straight people” in ultras who honorably finish their races)

Good day to all Ultra Runners!

Let me first congratulate our friend and ultra mentor Benjamin Gaetos for being the FIRST Filipino Ultrarunner to have successfully finished the Badwater Ultramarathon which is considered as the “toughest foot race on Earth”. Let me take this opportunity also to greet and congratulate Simon Sandoval who have greatly improved on the two successive two years of performance of Local Ultrarunners at the prestigious Western States 100-Mile Endurance Race.

From the day the first 82 “tough and brave warriors” finished and shared their stories on their experiences for finishing the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race four years ago, it was a “leap and bound” phenomenon on the rise of the number of ultra runners or ultra marathoners in our country. It gave rise also to different and unique ultra running Race Directors in this country. With more ultra runners and Race Directors, it gave us the opportunity to join a never-ending list of ultra running races almost every month. More races are being held and organized in the different regions in the country.

Not only we have monthly races, the distance of our ultra running events are getting LONGER, too! Our Race Organizers/Directors and our Ultra Runners have breached the 100-mile single stage/solo run distance and reached up to the 250-Kilometer distance with a cut-off time of 48 hours. And soon, more multi-day stage running events on the roads and trails will be held in the coming years!

Whether it is good or bad, you can say that it is only in the Philippines where there is ultra running season all-year round! More Ultra Running Races, More Fun In The Philippines!

There is nothing fancy about such races. Whether it is a trail ultra or road ultra, everything is kept to its simplicity. It is simply a race between the runner and the ground where his/her feet would land from the starting line up to the finish line. Simplicity, that our races are not sponsored by big corporate companies; the government; or any private foundation. Simplicity where we don’t broadcast or print them on the mass media publications and broadcast networks. We simply want our races to be known through the “words of mouth” from one ultra runner to another.

Do not complain if the registration fees in joining ultra events are rising. You have a choice and we are not forcing you to join our races. The Race Organizers are happier if they can manage only a handful of runners because Ultra Race Event Management is a “bad and losing” business. It is only the dedication and passion of each Race Director that keep the race being held every year.

We adhere to the highest standards for the safety of our runners. We make sure that our “first-timers” would be able to finish a Full Marathon Race (42K) and submit to us their respective Medical Reports/Clearances. And participants must be able to strictly follow our Rules and Regulations. Fortunately, we don’t have any record of death/s in our races. It is good that we only receive reports on dead toe nails; dead skin; and blisters!

Forty-Five years ago when I was in College, I would go to the University Library to research on a Subject or Topic that would interest me. Today, you can simply research on anything in the comfort of your bedroom by just simply having a cellphone or a tablet/laptop connected to the Internet. We started as ultra runners through the World Wide Web or the Internet and we learned from the experiences of ultra runners here and abroad through their personal websites; on line publications; and blogs. The knowledge and vast of information within the grasp of runners are endless and readily available.

On this age of high-technology, all you have to remember, when you want to research or get information on subject/topics you are interested in, are the words, “google it”! Or simply register and get a Facebook account and then ask anybody from the members of the Pinoy Ultra Marathoners Group (PUMAG)! Members of this Facebook Group are the Ambassadors of Ultra Running in the country.

We have a great and promising future for our ultra runners to be known worldwide. Let us discover more “talents” in the country side/”grassroots” level through our regional and provincial ultra racing events “sorties”. Strictly guided “younger talents” are needed if we want better performance in our participation in ultra running events abroad. We need “young yet matured, dedicated, and passionate” ultra runners for our quest to perform our best and be able to place our country among the best of ultra running nations.

Discovering and training for these “talents” for a “high profile” international ultra running event is just one-half of the story. The support and resources needed to send and support such runner is the more complicated second/last-half of the story. But with the generosity of our ultra runners and friends, everything will push through as planned. We were able to send and bring our elite ultra runners in international events in the past through this scheme. And we will continue to do so.

We need to exert more diligence and determination in our effort to attract and motivate private corporate entities as well as the government to support our sports and our future participation to international ultra running events. Let us send our “best, fastest, and strongest” ultra runners to such events.

If we have a hard time getting the support of the broadcast and printed media, we have to continuously support our FrontRunner Magazine as well as our local Runners World Magazine. These published Magazines had been instrumental in spreading our sports of running and ultra running.

After Ben Gaetos’ finish at the Badwater Ultramarathon, I have received a reminder of commitment from Joe Matias of A Runners Circle Specialty Store in Los Angeles, California that he is willing to support any of our local elite ultra runner once he/she arrives in the USA to participate in any ultra running event in any part of USA. Thank you, Joe for that commitment of support to our elite runners.

As my parting words to this SONA, let me go back to my introductory statement.

Once again, we warn you that we abhor “Bandits and Cheaters” in our Ultra Races! We will continue to expose these shenanigans in our races and disqualify them in our future race races.

True Ultra Runners are those that are silent, simple, calm, kind, supportive, and always see to it that their feet are always pounding on the ground, whether it is a trail or a paved road!

Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy Ultra Marathoners dito sa Bansa at sa Buong Mundo!

Salamat po sa lahat at Pagpalain sana kayo ng Diyos Maykapal!

Support Your Ultrarunning National Federation

Support Your Ultrarunning National Federation


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