Downhill Running

24 04 2014

For an old runner like me and had a history of running-related injury on my knees, I need to be extra careful and very deliberate on my steps when I am faced with a steep downhill part of the course. This contributed much in my ability to run slower in my races. How I wish I would turn back the clock when I did not have any fear and took advantage of those downhill parts of the course to gain more speed and regain the time that I have lost in the ascending parts of the route.

Easy Pace In Downhill Running

Easy Pace In Downhill Running

I could see my elite trail runners and training partners to be “flying” on the air and spreading their gait to the maximum in order to gain more distance in every step they make on the downhill. I could see that they just simply “float”; bend their upper body forward; swing their hands farther and stretch their legs with a wider stance as their feet barely touch the ground.  Only young and fast runners could do this kind of running downhill.

Easy On The Old Knees

Easy On The Old Knees

Downhill running was my “weakness” and one of the main reasons why I did not finish in last year’s TNF 100-Kilometer Trail Run. Aside from the knee injury I had which was not yet fully healed prior to the race, I was surprised to be running within the part of the course which I was not able to recon or practice on it. The  11-12 kilometer distance of the Barangay Alang part of the course is a steep road consisting of paved/cemented road and hard dirt road. The steepness of the road gave some pain on my knees that I was forced to simply hike/walk throughout the distance. Coupled with the heat of the sun that went directly hitting the runners, I was sweating profusely and I was on the verge of being dehydrated. Simply put, this part of the course just simply put the “nails to my coffin”, so to speak, in order for me to be over exhausted and weak. Even if I was able to refuel, rest and re-hydrate myself at the Aid Station on the halfway mark of the course, I was able to spend so much of my time and I was already thinking of ending the race.

2013 TNF 100 Picture @ Barangay Alang Route

2013 TNF 100 Picture @ Barangay Alang Route

I tried to continue the race but after hiking for 500 meters, my knees and quads were not cooperating. It was time to preserve the weak body and prepare to recover as I decided to DNF in the race.

Running Form Will Do The Trick!

Running Form Will Do The Trick!

Aside from training for the downhill running along the trails for the past 11 months, I made sure to have a taste of running downhill on a cemented road in my playground, just like the road at Barangay Alang. Eleven months ago when I started training for my ultra trail runs, I discovered this place which is a part of my Playground “Bravo” 50K Trail Run course and I promised myself to train for hill repeats in this place in order for me to be properly prepared for the Alang portion of the TNF 100 course.

I was able to come up with a running technique on this steep cemented road which is appropriate for my old knees. I just have to shorten my strides, bend my legs from the knees, come up with a faster leg turn-over, bend my upper body slightly forward, swing my arms with a faster tempo, relax my shoulders, maintain a midfoot strike on the ground and make sure my eyes are focused at least 3-5 meters on the ground in front of me. I can not suggest this technique to the other runners as this is what I had experimented for my style of running. I was able to manage the pain on my knees and preserve them by following on this technique.

Hopefully, I would be able to reach the halfway point of the TNF 100 Race course without any issues or problems. If I reach the halfway point with some time to spare, I know I would be able to finish the race.

Wish me luck!

Result: 2nd Playground “Alpha” 50K Trail Run

21 04 2014

2nd Playground ALPHA 50K Trail Ultra Run (“Two Antenna” Loop Course 50K Trail Run)

Pastolan, Hermosa, Bataan

5:00 AM March 30, 2014

Number Of Starters: 10

1 15 Jon Borbon (Champion) 10:37:23
2 9 Ed Yonzon (1st Runner-Up) 10:42:35
3 20 Dhannie Tan (2nd Runner-Up) 11:18:23
4 26 Brian Tan Seng 11:20:59
5 24 Bong Anastacio 11:32:14
6 17 Luzel Tibo-oc (Champion, Female) 14:14:41
7 19 Mark Anthony Tibo-oc 14:14:43


Congratulations To All The Finishers!

2nd Playground Alpha 50K Trail Run Champion: Jon Borbon

2nd Playground Alpha 50K Trail Run Champion: Jon Borbon

Benson: An Aeta Friend

21 04 2014

In one of my trail running adventures, I was able to meet Benson, an Aeta residing in a Resettlement who is trying to earn a living by making and transporting charcoal in the mountains of Bataan. I was on my way to discover trails within my backyard when I met him. I asked him to orient myself in the different trails in the mountains and he was glad to help me.

I met Benson while he was on his way back to his residence in the Aeta Resettlement. He was carrying two sacks of charcoal which heights are taller than him. I can not believe how he was able to carry those sacks of charcoal with his thin and short body. What impressed me more was that he was using a rubber sandal walking/hiking on those mountain trails. His hiking pace was faster than me and my companion. He was really fast despite the fact that he was using a rubber sandal and carrying those two sacks of charcoal which are heavier than his weight.

Benson With My Men

Benson With My Men

While we were in our pits stops and water resupply points, I find time to talk to him and was able to gather a lot of information about him. He is married to another lady Aeta who just gave birth to their first child two months ago. He burned his bamboo hut which he constructed in the Aeta Resettlement Area and he gave me a vague statement/answer on the reason why he burned his hut. Since he does not have a place of his own, his child and himself are staying in the hut of his mother-in-law.

We asked some directions from him on how we can explore the mountains in the area and we asked the presence of mountain trails within the area. He is willing to be our “guide” if we intend to explore the nearby mountains and he asked that we should be in his place/resettlement area before 6:00 AM.

In our pit stops, we shared our bottled water/drinks and bite foods. Upon reaching the resettlement area, he invited us to the hut of his mother-in-law and offered us a beehive full of pure honey. Instead, we offered him and the rest of the children in the hut with our Cloud 9 Chocolates and Pan De Sal (local bread). After about, 10 minutes of rest and changing his shirt, he offered his service to guide us to the road that leads to the main Highway.

Picture With Benson Before We Parted Ways

Picture With Benson Before We Parted Ways

After hiking for 3 kilometers, he pointed a paved road that leads to a subdivision and gave some instructions and information about the description of the paved road. I brought out some cash in my hydration belt and I gave my money but before I can hand him my money, he asked not to be given such cash. He said that the money we have will be used for our fare for our tricycle and jeepney ride in going back to where we started. However, I asked and begged him to get the money for the milk of his baby and he gladly accepted it.

From there, we left him as he walked back to the resettlement area. And for us, we still have 14 kilometers more of dirt and paved roads before we reached our final destination.

One of these days, I and my training partner will be going back to get the service of Benson as our guide to the mountains in the area.

I hope we can explore and measure another 30 kilometers along the mountain trails so that I can have a 100-mile mountain trail route in my playground.

Sacks Of Charcoal

15 04 2014

It has been awhile when I had my last post in this blog. I was too busy in the mountains where I could hardly get a good connection to the Internet. Aside from my trail running training, I’ve been busy preparing and directing my road and trail races which are scheduled for the past months.

In my desire to look for trail routes within the vicinity of my “playground”, I had been exposed and had observed some of the local people in the area to be involved in charcoal making in the mountains. I almost meet a group of locals with their sleds being pulled by a carabao (water buffalo) stacked with sacks full of charcoal on a daily basis. Sometimes, I would pass by a place where two locals would be guarding a makeshift underground “oven” where they process or burn the woods cut in pieces and wait for these woods that would turn to charcoal.

I really don’t mind or give any interest or even stop to start a conversation with these people in the charcoal transport and processing “industry”. It is enough that I greet them while I am running or simply wave my hand just to show that I really don’t care about their trade. Anyway, they simply know me as a crazy trail runner in the mountains where they do their business.

Last week, in one of my adventure runs in the mountains trying to look for trails, I was surprised to see a band of charcoal “carriers” or persons who carry sacks of charcoal from the mountains to be brought to the populated community. Most of these carriers are our indigenous people called the “Aetas”. I met these band of Aetas resting in a shaded part of the mountain where there is a pipe with water freely flowing from it. Most of them were resting and some of them were taking their lunch as I can see some cooking pots near the sacks of charcoal.

The following pictures will show the number of sacks of charcoal resting on the rocks along the trail and you can imagine the number of trees being cut by these charcoal makers in the mountains in order to produce these sacks of charcoal:

Spring Water & Rest Area In The Mountains

Spring Water & Rest Area In The Mountains

Sacks Of Charcoal On Top Of Rocks

Sacks Of Charcoal On Top Of Rocks

Closer Look On The Sacks Of Charcoal

Closer Look On The Sacks Of Charcoal

I am not here to post these pictures and make any judgement or opinion on what I have seen and observed in the mountains. It is enough that you can see and conclude for yourself what is really happening on those hidden valleys and cliffs in the mountain ranges which you can see far away while you are in the comfort of an air-conditioned bus or driving your personal vehicle along the highway on your way to the province and from the city.

As usual, I had to greet the Aetas and went on to refresh myself by drinking the fresh and cold water freely flowing from the plastic pipe that was inserting in between two big rocks on the cliff. And then douse my head, face, nape and back with the flowing water.

After a few seconds, I waved my hands and told to the resting Aetas that I will be ahead of them in going to their resettlement. And I am glad they waved their hands and replied to my greetings.

My mountain trail running must go on and as I was nearing the trailhead near the Aeta Resettlement Area, I could see more mountains and more trails to explore in my next outing.

Trail running in the mountains reminds me how blessed I am and the rests of us living in the lowlands.

Result: 1st Playground “Alpha” 50K Trail Ultra

18 03 2014

***By Invitation Only

5:30 AM March 16, 2014

Pastolan Trails, Dinalupihan, Bataan

Number of Starters: 21

Number of Finishers: 17

@ The Start/Finish Area

@ The Start/Finish Area


1 2 Wilnar Iglesia (Champion) 6:50:32
2 6 Raffy Gabotero (1st Runner-Up) 7:22:06
3 7 Bong Alindada (2nd Runner-Up) 7:57:10
4 1 Graciano Santos 9:23:42
5 14 Daphne Codilla (Champion, Female) 9:44:00
6 8 Jay Lamela 9:55:46
7 4 Venn Lamela 9:55:47
8 160 Ronnel Go 9:59:32
9 32 Marc Conrad Molina 10:00:11
10 311 Manny Ocampo 10:20:39
11 22 Michael Lafuente 10:33:01
12 10 Ryan Garcia 11:08:49
13 11 Roy Garcia 11:08:50
14 5 Lady Dianne Palongan (1st Runner-Up, F) 11:10:11
15 50 Januarius Padilla 12:40:10
16 30 Jonathan Moleta 13:17:26
17 42 Jon Ogsimer 14:21:44
Champion Wilnar Iglesia

Champion Wilnar Iglesia

Runners @ The Turn-Around Point (Km #25)

Runners @ The Turn-Around Point (Km #25)


Congratulations To Everybody!

2014 BDM Grand Slam Awardees

10 03 2014

Bataan Death March Ultra Marathon (BDM) Grand Slam Award/Trophy is given to an ultra runner who finishes the Bataan Death March 160K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 160) and the Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 102) in succession within a year, a period of 4-5 weeks between the two ultra events.

For the past 4 years since the first edition of the BDM 160, there were ultra runners who were brave enough to do the impossible and they were awarded the first BDM Races Grand Slam Award/Trophy. Ultra Runners Jonnifer Lacanlale and Arturo Virata were the first BDM Grand Slam Awardees in 2011. They became the “idols”  of our Pinoy Ultra Runners. What made these two gentlemen extra special and admired by their peers was that the two races were one week apart!

Starting in 2012, I decided to schedule the BDM 160 on the last weekend of January and have the BDM 102 on the first weekend of March. With such development, more finishers of the BDM 160 were able to recover with the 4-5 weeks period in between the two races and received the much-coveted BDM Grand Slam Award. (Note: I will have another post in this blog to publish the BDM Grand Slam Awardees for the years 2012 & 2013)

Fast Forward. For this year, 2014, the number of BDM Grand Slam Awardees had increased more than twice compared last year and the number of Lady Awardees had also increased. Almost all the Lady Finishers in this year’s BDM 160 joined and finished the BDM 102 this month.

The following are the 2014 BDM Grand Slam Awardees:

1. Carl Balagot

2. Sandy Alentajan

3. Carlo Gonzales

4. Tess Leono (F)

5. Dante Sagayap

6. Glairold Recella

7. Meljohn Tezon

8. Joseph Sibal

9. Gia Estrella (F)

10. Wilnar Iglesia

11. Lao Ogerio

12. Ofelia Lorete (F)

13. Sheryll Quimosing (F)

14. Joel Sison

15. Noel Ko

16. Mark Tibo-oc

17. Myk Dauz

18. Marlon Saracho

19. Dindo Diaz

20. Ryan Sison

21. Hermie Saludes

22. Lyra Valles (F)

23. Emerson Sto. Domingo

24. Neil Broncano

25. Randy Racho

26. Peach Tamayo (F)

27. Ariel Briones

Congratulations to the 2014 BDM Grand Slam Awardees!

2014 BDM Grand Slam Trophy

2014 BDM Grand Slam Trophy

2014 BDM Grand Slam Awardees

2014 BDM Grand Slam Awardees

2013 PAU Grand Slam Award

8 03 2014

On the first quarter of last year, 2013, I came up with an award for ultra runners to look forward to and try for them to challenge themselves. I shared my idea with my ultra friends and on Facebook and I forgot to write about it in my blog. So, let me explain the concept and details about this special award among ultra runners.

As I copied the concept from the US Grand Slam of Ultrarunning Award which consists of four (4) famous 100-Mile Trail Races which are done within a period of four months, the PAU Grand Slam Award also consists of four races—two 100-mile road races; one 100-mile trail race; and a 200K single stage run. To be specific, they are: Bataan Death March 160K Ultra Marathon Race which is done in the month of January; Antique 100-Mile Ultra Marathon Race which was held in October; West Coast 200K Ultra Marathon Race in the month of November; and Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Endurance Run in the month of December.

A Silver Buckle is being awarded to each of the Finisher of these 4 ultra marathon races. A runners who finishes the 4 races shall be awarded with the PAU Grand Slam Award/Trophy.

Since I just made the announcement of my concept to my close ultra running friends after the conduct of the Bataan Death March 160K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 160), I told them that if they were not able to join the said race event, they can still have a chance to complete the four (4) races if they finish the next year’s edition of BDM 160.

I took the risk of coming up with the Single Stage of the West Coast 200 Ultra Marathon after a successful 3-day stage race on its first edition. I had to go also to Antique on the first week of May last year in order to run the whole distance from San Jose De Buenavista in Antique to Caticlan, Malay, Aklan with a total distance of 166 kilometers. It did not matter whether I have only 5 or 10 runner-starters on these two new races. What matters most was to be able to try and find out the response from my ultra friends.

To my surprise, I got positive response and encouragements from the runners and I got full support from them. And the whole concept of the 1st PAU Grand Slam Award was implemented. And everything is already history.

During the 2014 Bataan Death March 102K & 160K Ultra Marathon Races’ Awarding Ceremony and Philippine Association of Ultrarunners’ (PAU) Recognition Party, I have awarded the 1st PAU Grand Slam Award/Trophy to the following ultra runners:

1. Graciano Santos

2. Ronnel Go

3. Raffy Gabotero

4. Anthony Mark Alindada

5. Wilnar Iglesia

6. Meljohn Tezon

7. Glairold Recella

8. Elmar Bob Tolete

9. Benedict Meneses

10. Yob Red

Congratulations to these First Awardees of the 1st PAU Grand Slam Award!

For the year 2014, the PAU Grand Slam Award will start with the Antique 100-Mile Endurance Run in September; West Coast 200 in November; Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Endurance Run in December; and the last race will be the Bataan Death March 160K Ultra Marathon Race in January 2015.

PAU Grand Slam Award/Trophy (Courtesy of Ronnel Go)

PAU Grand Slam Award/Trophy (Courtesy of Ronnel Go)

BR & 9 PAU Grand Slam Awardees. Raffy Gabotero was not in the picture. (Photo Courtesy of Bong Alindada)

BR & 9 PAU Grand Slam Awardees. Raffy Gabotero was not in the picture. (Photo Courtesy of Bong Alindada)

Picture Of The Week #24

5 03 2014

Victory @ The 2014 BDM 102K Ultra Marathon Race (Juvy)

Victory @ The 2014 BDM 102K Ultra Marathon Race (Juvy Pagtalunan)

Official Result: 2014 Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race

3 03 2014

2014/6th Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 102)

10:00 PM March 1, 2014 to 4:00 PM March 2, 2014

Cut-Off Time: 18 Hours

Starting Line: Bataan Death March Shrine, Mariveles, Bataan

Finish Line: Old Railway Station, Barangay Sto. Nino, San Fernando City (Pampanga)

Number Of Starters: 300

Number Of Finishers: 253

@ The Starting Area

@ The Starting Area/BDM Km Post #00

Emerging Women's Power @ BDM 102

Emerging Women’s Power @ The 2014/6th BDM 102


N  A  M  E

1 Eric Cruz (Overall Champion & Male Champion) 10:30:20
2 Melanie Malihan (Female Champion, Course Record) 11:18:24
3 Arvin Galos (1st Runner-Up, Male) 11:24:56
4 Junifer Frenila (2nd Runner-Up, Male) 11:44:40
5 Alfred Delos Reyes 11:46:02
6 Ador Sietereales 12:09:33
7 Jaylord Ballao 12:09:40
8 Gil Conanan 12:12:44
9 Nina Ferando (1st Runner-Up, Female) 12:16:29
10 Roman Mabborang 12:21:45
11 Raschid Lee Apostol 12:21:46
12 Rodelyn Guidaben (2nd Runner-Up, Female) 12:31:32
13 Willie Jan Altarejos 12:35:19
14 Edwin Fernandez 12:39:13
15 Rowell Cabardo 12:41:31
16 Dante Sagayap 12:43:13
17 Glairold Recella 12:43:34
18 Maricar Hiponia (F) 12:54:48
19 Jilberto Marpiga 12:59:19
20 Arnel Timbreza 13:04:00
21 Edwin Clemente 13:05:58
22 Jay Lamela 13:07:03
23 Myk Dauz 13:08:06
24 Jimmy Collado 13:10:34
25 Lady Dianne Palongan (F) 13:11:08
26 Sandy Alentajan 13:18:28
27 James Joseph Soto 13:20:30
28 John Paul Navarrete 13:22:31
29 Rhodora Operto (F) 13:25:53
30 Werner Cruz 13:28:46
31 Sheila Elasin (F) 13:34:25
32 Sang Oh 13:34:35
33 Errol Osea 13:38:40
34 Syril Wong 13:38:56
35 Joji Salvador 13:42:46
36 Lao Ogerio 13:50:50
37 Ariel Briones 13:52:51
38 Joel Simsiman 13:53:29
39 Joseph Rebolledo 14:00:12
40 Melan Ku Marquez (F) 14:02:51
41 Percival Dictado 14:02:59
42 Rico Laplana 14:05:23
43 Lyra Valles (F) 14:06:29
44 Tess Leono (F) 14:06:30
45 Robert Watson 14:09:38
46 Angelo Pangasinan 14:10:04
47 Bong Ortaliz 14:13:57
48 Dexter Beltran 14:14:42
49 Alfeus Delos Santos 14:15:02
50 Roberto Vocal, Jr 14:15:26
51 Enstein Calaoa, Jr 14:15:39
52 Roberto Villamor 14:21:00
53 Orlando Payumo 14:21:45
54 Dennis Villanueva 14:21:49
55 Nelson Janiola 14:22:04
56 Elmer Caballes 14:22:24
57 Madison Trinidad 14:22:39
58 May Santos (F) 14:24:09
59 Ronnie Florendo 14:24:10
60 Patrick Geneblaza 14:25:22
61 Bryan Lagman 14:26:18
62 Randy Miranda 14:29:57
63 Carlo Gonzalez 14:36:14
64 Fernando Cabanero 14:36:49
65 Edmund Kagahastian 14:45:19
66 Merbert Cabral 14:47:12
67 Allan Macaraig 14:48:01
68 Youngsuk Chae 14:50:35
69 Arnold Banaay 14:51:05
70 Jeffrey Jay Amurao 14:51:53
71 Gia Estrella (F) 14:52:56
72 Calvin Matol IV 14:54:54
73 Aaron Laron 14:55:44
74 Henry Laron 14:55:45
75 Armando Fabella, Jr 15:05:19
76 Obeth Malana 15:05:59
77 Rosauro Dizon 15:07:56
78 Florencio Sy 15:09:28
79 Ely Casulla 15:11:41
80 Jasper Ryan Olivete 15:13:32
81 Loradel Hanopol 15:13:55
82 Jerome Paolo Castro 15:15:21
83 Ricardo Diaz 15:19:56
84 Dindo Diaz 15:20:22
85 Rone Milan 15:20:47
86 Mark Capistrano 15:22:29
87 Celedonio Quinto 15:22:43
88 Chill Orbegoso 15:23:06
89 Neil Broncano 15:23:51
90 Arvi Ama 15:24:34
91 Frederick Tupaz 15:25:13
92 Terrence Lu 15:27:03
93 Jonel Mendoza 15:30:28
94 Jackson Pederiche 15:30:49
95 Richelle Perez (F) 15:32:43
96 Meljohn Tezon 15:32:44
97 John Alexis Virtucio 15:33:41
98 Michael Paja 15:34:44
99 Ernesto Badong 15:37:12
100 Ricky Sangalang 15:37:13
101 William Marino 15:37:14
102 Starkey Apilado 15:37:53
103 Maidy Soriano (F) 15:39:10
104 Bing Brillo 15:39:27
105 Bong Anastacio 15:40:39
106 Randy Racho 15:40:51
107 Rogelio Paz 15:41:42
108 Rodel Mendoza, Jr 15:43:23
109 Jean Lim (F) 15:44:55
110 Ronaldo Alog 15:45:53
111 Noel Ko 15:46:07
112 JC Santo Teresa 15:46:39
113 Kenneth Tenebro 15:46:43
114 Roy Garcia 15:46:58
115 Kathleen Fresnido (F) 15:47:10
116 Regie Lazerna 15:49:29
117 Marlon Saracho 15:49:48
118 Nerrisa Jane Golondrina (F) 15:51:54
119 Benedict Meneses 15:51:58
120 Dennis Uy 15:52:45
121 Bryan Calo 15:53:26
122 Simon Pavel Miranda 15:53:41
123 Doodsie Mallari (F) 15:53:57
124 Ruben Herrera 15:54:12
125 Merwin Torres 15:54:32
126 Roden Jesus Rosin 15:57:57
127 Godfrey Palpal-latoc 16:01:40
128 Ruben Veran 16:10:33
129 Arnel Villanueva 16:10:50
130 Ian Francisco 16:15:17
131 Mark Andrew Melgar 16:20:46
132 Argie Cabrera 16:22:46
133 Ric Mallari 16:24:31
134 Carl Balagot 16:25:50
135 Frans Van Dongen, Jr 16:25:59
136 Jonathan Moleta 16:26:43
137 Luzel Franco Tibo-oc (F) 16:27:07
138 Mark Anthony Tibo-oc 16:27:08
139 Roberto Hernandez, Jr 16:27:25
140 Rodelio Mendoza 16:28:12
141 Andrei Philip Lim 16:30:26
142 Allan Claudio De Lima 16:30:51
143 Angelito Mallari 16:30:52
144 Erlyd Ortiz 16:31:41
145 Rona Saludes (F) 16:32:03
146 Hermie Saludes 16:32:05
147 Jeoffrey Ramos 16:34:22
148 Emerson Sto. Domingo 16:34:34
149 Ma. Vicenta Gado (F) 16:35:24
150 Jonel De Ocampo 16:35:59
151 Ray Paras 16:39:01
152 Orlando Ortinez 16:39:20
153 Katherine Villaflor (F) 16:39:41
154 Peter Perez 16:42:23
155 Joeffrey Pagaduan 16:43:38
156 Melbourne Querubin Pastor 16:44:58
157 Mac Laugayan Adversalo 16:45:18
158 Gerry Lita 16:45:32
159 Fer Setenta 16:46:49
160 John Prospero Tugade 16:46:50
161 Norberto Mortel 16:47:48
162 Arthur Ryan Dolina 16:49:54
163 Anton Parin 16:50:36
164 Addison Sayoc 16:50:56
165 Albert Bartilad 16:51:30
166 Danny Anonuevo 16:52:01
167 Gay Baniwas (F) 16:52:51
168 Nixon Pasiken 16:52:52
169 Jeffrey Garcia 16:53:08
170 Raymond Geloca 16:53:09
171 Fernando Balane 16:55:21
172 Anjoe Resurreccion 16:55:32
173 Nap Ocampo 16:56:21
174 Kharl Ocampo 16:56:39
175 Dar-c Silao 16:58:56
176 Cheche Magramo (F) 17:00:32
177 Eden Pagsolingan 17:00:33
178 Carmichael Famorcan 17:01:07
179 Edgardo Caubang 17:01:19
180 Gerson Yuson 17:01:20
181 Janice Mauricio 17:01:35
182 Archie Gascon 17:01:36
183 John Paolo Reynes 17:03:28
184 Myla Go (F) 17:05:09
185 Wilnar Iglesia 17:05:10
186 Ramon Flores 17:05:48
187 Brett Basset 17:06:54
188 Dan Rice 17:06:55
189 Bryan Manicad 17:07:06
190 Elmeray Kabigting 17:07:08
191 Edmund Manlangit 17:07:15
192 April Bernadette Gaborno (F) 17:08:02
193 Peachy Tamayo (F) 17:12:24
194 Venn Lamela 17:12:34
195 Jerome Ervin Catipon 17:13:46
196 Jeremiah Mendoza 17:13:53
197 Maila Rostrota (F) 17:16:06
198 Edward Vega 17:16:07
199 Cheryl Bihag (F) 17:17:12
200 Jeffrey Velasco 17:17:39
201 Ian Cristian Torres 17:19:07
202 Ofelia Lorete (F) 17:20:24
203 Sheryll Quimosing (F) 17:21:01
204 Christian Albert Pabatao 17:22:09
205 Antonio Viernes 17:22:59
206 Billy Joe Tuvera 17:23:13
207 Harry Duruin 17:24:35
208 Adel Medenilla 17:25:23
209 Mark Jayson Antonio 17:25:32
210 Rico Azurin 17:25:53
211 Ryan Sison 17:26:08
212 Jade Camasora 17:26:09
213 Carlo Jay Fernandez 17:26:32
214 William Hernandez 17:26:52
215 Nestor Ramirez 17:27:22
216 Loyce Nunez 17:27:27
217 Ma. Theresa Amansec (F) 17:27:48
218 Greg Venecio 17:28:11
219 Julius Ebalan 17:31:22
220 Joseph Sibal 17:32:17
221 Joanna Liu (F) 17:33:10
222 Nelson Val Caro, Jr 17:33:11
223 Glenn Santos 17:33:25
224 Heijhay Gatdula 17:34:19
225 Bernadette Schlueter (F) 17:35:45
226 Evan Lu 17:36:18
227 Eduardo Anonuevo 17:36:31
228 Christian Almendrala 17:36:37
229 Mark Sigue 17:36:40
230 Bernard Go 17:36:51
231 Mary Joanne Sapalasan (F) 17:37:09
232 Nikki De Dios (F) 17:37:14
233 Melo Jane Amit (F) 17:37:22
234 Ronaldo Sabio 17:39:08
235 Cleodelia Armendez (F) 17:39:21
236 Alwyn Sy 17:40:43
237 Oliver De Guzman 17:41:04
238 Laurice Reese Rogel (F) 17:42:15
239 Joel Sison 17:42:53
240 Ted Mallen 17:42:53
241 Jeff Kristoffer Lualhati 17:43:00
242 Richard Allan Mangalip 17:44:08
243 Dennis Matias 17:44:26
244 Dario Carpio 17:44:33
245 Unknown Runner 17:44:52
246 Lorna Vejano (F) 17:45:42
247 Ariel Mendoza 17:46:39
248 John Patrick Dela Paz 17:46:56
249 Gan Moreno 17:47:28
250 Edwin Cruz 17:48:46
251 Juvy Pagtalunan (F) 17:49:25
252 Jose Mari Molejon 17:50:14
253 Bernard Enriquez 17:50:40
Eric Cruz, Champion Of 2014 BDM 102 Ultra Marathon Race

Eric Cruz, Champion Of 2014 BDM 102 Ultra Marathon Race

Melanie Malihan, Female Champion & Female Course Record Holder

Melanie Malihan, Female Champion & Female Course Record Holder

Arvin Galos, 3rd Overall Finisher

Arvin Galos, 3rd Overall Finisher

Congratulations To All The “New Warriors” of Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race!

5th Week Of Training (February 3-9, 2014)

17 02 2014

February 3, Monday: Rest Day

2-Hour Massage

February 4, Tuesday: @HPA Parade Ground (Paved & Dirt Roads) Start: 5:00 PM

Distance—13.21 Kilometers/8.25 Miles

Time—1:24:04 Hours

Average Pace—6:21 mins/km

Average Speed—9.4 ams/hour

Total Calories—905 cal

Total Ascent—492 meters

Total Descent—508 meters

Weather—Hot & Humid/Afternoon Run

Shoes—Hoka One One Stinson Evo

February 5, Wednesday: Indoor

40-Minute Stationary Cycling

February 6, Thursday: @HPA Parade Ground/Start: 7:40 AM

Distance—17.01 Kilometers/10.6 Miles

Time—1:55:00 Hours

Average Pace—6:45 mins/km

Average Speed—8.9 kilometers/hour

Total Calories—1,174 cal

Total Ascent—565 meters

Total Descent—559 meters

Weather—Hot & Humid

Shoes—Hoka One One Stinson Evo

February 7, Friday: @Mabalacat, Pampanga To San Fernando, Pampanga (Route of Manila to Baguio 250K Ultra Marathon Race)/Start: 9:55 AM

Distance—35.43 Kilometers/22 Miles (Road Run)

Time—6:25:49 Hours

Average Pace—10:52 mins/km

Average Speed—5.5 kilometers/hour

Total Calories—1,943 cal

Total Ascent—1,259 meters

Total Descent—1,263 meters

Weather—VERY Hot

Shoes—Hoka One One Stinson Evo

Comment: Slow Run with Walking Breaks/”Pit Stops” @ 7-11 Stores

February 8, Saturday: @ Mabalacat, Pampanga To Tarlac City (Route of Manila To Baguio 250K Ultra Marathon Race) /Start: 1:03 AM (Night Run)

Distance—32 Kilometers/20.15 Miles

Time—5:20:18 Hours

Average Pace—15:54 minutes/mile

Average Moving Pace—14:47 minutes/mile

Elevation Gain—168 feet

Elevation Loss—357 feet

Total Calories—1,644 cal


Shoes—Hoka One One Bondi Speed

Comment: Slow & Easy Run. Tried some nutrition food/drinks to keep me alert during nighttime running

February 9, Sunday: @Baguio City

Rest Day/Race Director at the Finish Line of the 1st PAU Manila To Baguio 250K Ultra Marathon Race (3-Day Stage)

Total Weekly Mileage: 97.65 Kilometers/61 Miles

Total Weekly Time: 15:15 Hours

Comment: No trail runs for this week but took advantage of the Manila To Baguio 250K 3-Day Stage Ultra Run to put more endurance on my legs, heart and lungs. Runs for this week were more on “heat” training.

Finishing 35K On The 1st Day/Leg Of The Manila To Baguio 250K Ultra

Finishing 35K On The 1st Day/Leg Of The Manila To Baguio 250K Ultra


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