Official Result: 1st Mt Tapulao Trail Run

25 04 2015

1st Mt Tapulao 36K Trail Run (Fastest Known Time Run)

Assembly/Start/Finish Area: Barangay Dampay Salaza, Palauig, Zambales

Start Time: 5:15 AM April 17, 2015

Cut-Off Time: 10 Hours

Tapulao Trail @ Km #10 & Water Source

Tapulao Trail @ Km #10 & Water Source

"Tapulao" Is The Local Dialect Translation For Pine Trees

“Tapulao” Is The Local Dialect Translation For Pine Trees

RANK                NAME                                   TIME (Hrs)

1.  Raffy Gabotero (Overall Champion, Course Record)—-4:23:37

2.  Cesar Lumiwes (1st Runner-Up, Overall) ————4:41:11

3.  Ronnie Moreno (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) ———–5:39:55

4.  Aldous Gabriel Elan ———————————–5:52:01

5.  Moises Abadan —————————————-5:52:42

6.  Graciano Santos —————————————5:55:19

7.  Jaime Tulio ———————————————6:03:11

8. Jay Ar Romamban ————————————-6:10:58

9.  Joseph Montilla —————————————6:39:54

10. James Rapp ——————————————6:62:32

11. Jeffrey Velasco —————————————7:01:26

12. Pojie Penones —————————————-7:13:35

13. Sony Testinio —————————————–7:42:20

14. Salustiano Ramos Jr ——————————–7:42:21

15. Roel Romero —————————————-8:20:16

16. Alfonso Limque ————————————-8:32:43

Overall Champion & Course Record Holder Raffy Gabotero

Overall Champion & Course Record Holder Raffy Gabotero

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

Thanks and Appreciation to the Provincial Government of Zambales under the leadership of the Honorable Hermogenes Ebdane, Jr and his Staff for making this trail running event as part of the Dinamulag Zambales Mango Festival.

User’s Report: MERRELL’s “All Out Rush” Trail Shoes

23 04 2015

User’s Report: MERRELL “All Out Rush” Trail Shoes

Since the time I started running and buying running shoes, I always think and have the impression that “cheap shoes are low in quality and it is a waste of money spending on them”. This is the reason why I concentrated on using ASICS Shoes (Made In Japan, then) and New Balance (Made In USA, then, too!) during my early days as a road runner/marathon runner. Obviously, these brands then were the most expensive ones.

Since I started blogging, I’ve used different brands of running shoes and it was Joe Matias of “A Runners Circle” (ARC) Specialty Running Store in Los Angeles, California that gave me the ONLY Complimentary Shoes in my entire running career when the HOKA ONE ONE was initially introduced in the market. I am proud to say that I was the FIRST Local Runner in the Philippines to have used the said shoes 4-5 years ago. I was able to try their first models of their Bondi B and Stinson EVO. I never had a chance to review these shoes as I found them to be perfect shoes in my LSD on the paved roads due to its maximal cushioning. Up to this time, I always use these shoes in my training on paved roads.

Out of curiosity, I started to browse on the website of Merrell Shoes and I found their models very interesting and was able to read feedbacks/reviews of each model from its users which is a mixture of pros and cons on the on its fit, comfort, and durability. My interest in this brand of shoes led me to visit their distribution stores in Metro Manila. I am surprised that their stores have stocks on those shoes and models that I’ve seen in their website. In short, I bought my first Merrell Shoes which is the “All Out Rush”.

Fresh Look From The Box

Fresh Look From The Box

The All Out Rush (AOR) is categorized as a Cushioned Trail Shoes and I got the red one. I am not particularly interested with its specifications and material components because I just wanted an alternate training shoes for my trail running workouts.

I immediately used it in my trail running workouts. For the past one month & half and for almost 100 miles of trails in my “playground”, I am satisfied with it. The fit was perfect whether I use a thin or thick running socks or whether I tie the shoe laces tightly or loosely. But I prefer them (shoe laces) to be tied tightly so that the shoes is tightly snugged on my feet.

I have observed that these shoes don’t have any insole but I still find them to be comfortable. At first, I could feel the lugs of the sole of the shoes on my feet during my downhill running but as I used them, my feet became accustomed to the feeling as if there is a “massaging” feeling on my sole. But when I use a thicker pair of trail running socks, the feeling is completely gone. Actually, I have the same experience on the first few miles while using my Salomon S-Lab Sense 3 (SG) Shoes with its more aggressive studs on its sole.

I’ve been using it in my daily trail runs and have it sun-dried every time I removed them from my feet after my runs. I have never washed them and I am excited to wear them with the dirt and dust on their uppers every time I go for my trail running workout. I don’t smell any “nasty” odor from the shoes due to its “Breathable mesh lining treated with M-Select™ FRESH odor control”, whatever that description means but it is really true!

I find the shoes weight lighter than my Hoka One One Shoes which is 9.3 ounces per shoe, a standard weight for a cushioned trail shoes. I find the weight of a trail shoe and its cushioning as the two most important factors to consider in selecting a trail shoes for ultras and shorter distances.

Circular Studs On Its Outsole

Circular Studs On Its Outsole

I wonder what material the outsole is made of but it is not Vibram. I find it surprising that I don’t see any “wear & tear” signs on them after using them for almost 100 miles in the mountains over hardened trails, rocks, sandy lahar-like soil, and paved roads. The sole studs don’t have any signs of being deformed or shaved-off from its original appearance. As compared with my other trail shoes, like Hoka One One, Salomon, New Balance, ASICS, Adidas, and Altra, with almost 100 miles of usage, I could already see some signs of shaving-off of their outer soles (usually on the outer side portions) due to “wear and tear”. The outsole studs are not pointed or look aggressive as they are in circular forms but I find them very effective in my downhill running over loose soil and steep hardened trails.

More information and description of the shoes can be seen here:

You can buy two pairs of these shoes for the price of a “high-end” trail shoes being used by European elite mountain trail runners. But surprisingly, if you buy the shoes in the local market or in local Merrell Stores, they are much cheaper than what is posted as their price in their website.

Trail Shoes Are Meant To Be DIRTY

Trail Shoes Are Meant To Be DIRTY

Bottomline? Will I highly recommend these pair of trail shoes for you? Of course! You will get your money’s worth with this pair of shoes. If you are a compulsive runner-shopper, there is no need for you to order On Line/through Internet and wait for the delivery of your order. You simply go to the Malls and most likely, all the Sports Stores have Merrell Shoes in them. However, if you want more choices on their different models, the best way is to visit one of the Merrell Stores which are located in all the big malls in Metro Manila. (Note: The Staff/Sales Personnel in these stores are NOT trail runners or mountaineers, so be patient to just hear their usual “sales talk” while you are trying to walk or fit with the shoes!)

On my part, in a span of six weeks, I’ve already bought three (3) pairs of MERRELL Shoes to include the “All Out Rush”. Simply said, this is to inform my readers that I am NOT an Ambassador or Sponsored Runner/Blogger of this Shoe Company.

More “User’s Report” on other Merrell Shoes to follow.

Merrell's Out Of Flush In Action

Merrell’s “Out Of Rush” In Action

Official Result: 1st MAYON 160K Ultra Marathon Race

11 04 2015

1st MAYON 160K Ultra Marathon Race

Start & Finish Area: Penaranda Park, Legazpi City (Albay)

Start Time: 2:00 AM April 10, 2015

Finish Time: 10:00 AM April 11, 2015

Cut-Off Time: 32 Hours

Number Of Starters: 46

Number Of Finishers: 37

Percentage Of Finish: 80.43%

Route Map & Course Elevation

Route Map & Course Elevation

RANK    NAME                 TIME (Hrs)

1.  Lao Ogerio (Overall Champion, Course Record) ——23:47:13
2.  Reynaldo Oros (1st Runner-Up, Overall) —————-24:03:36
3.  Bonifacio Balleras (2nd Runner-Up, Overall)———24:03:38
4.  Beda Abugan —————————————————24:50:42
5.  Roberto Villamor ———————————————-25:33:25
6.  Bob Castilla —————————————————-26:36:35
7.  Barrey Red ——————————————————27:12:24
8.  Dante Adorador ————————————————27:27:24
9.  Henry Castillo —————————————————27:55:38
10. Mark Tibo-oc —————————————————-28:03:59
11. Sherwin Ivan Joboli ——————————————-28:08:56
12. Ruben Veran —————————————————28:26:17
13. Cris Liwanagan ————————————————28:27:58
14. Joefren Perez ————————————————-28:34:18
15. Glen Calixto —————————————————28:34:21
16. Dindo Almoquera ———————————————28:56:05
17. Joseph Pili ——————————————————29:02:25
18. Janice Mauricio (Female Champion) ————-29:08:40
19. Jude Thaddeus Singson ———————————29:28:11
20. Ernesto Badong ——————————————-29:31:17
21. Noel Ko ——————————————————29:43:37
22. Gia Estrella (1st Runner-Up, Female) ———29:44:24
23. Cheryl Bihag 2nd Runner-Up, Female) ——-29:51:31
24. Benedict Meneses —————————————-29:53:33
25. Eusebio Cabidog ——————————————30:00:02
26. Arianne Ortega (Female) ——————————-30:18:10
27. Peach Tamayo (Female) ——————————-30:25:17
28. Elmar Bob Tolete —————————————-30:25:20
29. Marck Arcky Imperial ———————————30:29:22
30. Joji Salvador ————————————————30:34:40
31. Joseph Evasco ———————————————30:42:39
32. Yolly Barja (Female) ——————— ————30:55:27
33. Zaldy Santillan ——————————————-30:56:34
34. Elly Casulla ————————————————31:02:56
35. Lauro Daliwag ———————————————31:07:39
36. Kelvin Dela Torre —————————————31:19:37
37. Alvin Cesar ————————————————-31:21:14

Brave Warriors Of The 1st MAYON 160K Ultra Marathon

Brave Warriors Of The 1st MAYON 160K Ultra Marathon

Overall Champion & Course Record Holder Lao Ogerio

Overall Champion & Course Record Holder Lao Ogerio

Congratulations To All The Finishers!!!

Official Result: 1st “WEST To EAST” 280K Ultra Marathon Race

5 04 2015

1st “WEST To EAST” 280K Ultra Marathon Race: The Longest Solo & Single-Stage Ultra Marathon Road Race In The Philippines.

Starting Area: Bolinao Sports Complex/Bolinao Municipal Hall, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Finish Area: Pacific Ocean Shore, Barangay Tanguige, Dingalan, Aurora

Start Time: 5:00 AM Thursday, April 2, 2015

Finish Time: 2:00 PM Saturday, April 4, 2015

Course Cut-Off Time: 57 Hours

Intermediate Cut-Off Time: 10 Hours Every 50 Kilometers

Number Of Starters: 11 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 7 Runners

Percentage Of Finishers: 63.63%

RANK                    NAME                                       TIME (Hours)

1. Henry Laron (Overall Champion, Course Record)—-51:32:09

2. Elmar Bob Tolete (1st Runner-Up, Overall) ——-52:00:36

3. Thomas Combisen (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) —-52:27:52

4. Bong Anastacio ——————————–53:34:18

5. Marlon Santos ———————————54:31:18

6. Romhel Biscarra —————————— 55:21:37

7. Benedict Meneses —————————– 56:32:20

Overall Champion Henry Laron

Overall Champion Henry Laron 

Overall 1st Runner-Up Elmar Bob Tolete

Overall 1st Runner-Up Elmar Bob Tolete

Overall 2nd Runner-Up Thomas Combisen

Overall 2nd Runner-Up Thomas Combisen

Finisher's Buckle

Finisher’s Buckle

Finisher's Medal

Finisher’s Medal

Finisher's Shirt

Finisher’s Shirt

Congratulations To All The Finishers!


31 03 2015

Courtesy (In Ultra Races)

Courtesy is defined, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, as a polite behavior that shows respect for other people; something that you do because it is polite, kind, etc.; or something that you say to be polite especially when you meet someone.

I am going to apply the word “courtesy” to some of the actuations or actions of ultra runners in my races. I mean, on the actions of some ultra runners that are considered as violation of courtesy in ultra races.

Good Manners & Right Conduct in ultra races or for that matter, in any running event is Common Sense. However, in this post/blog, I would like to be specific in one of the actuations of runners which is both cool and at the same time unfavorable action as seen and perceived by others.

This is the practice of overtaking or passing a runner in the last few meters before the Finish Line in an Ultra Running Event. Personally, it is my understanding that an Ultra Running Event is NOT a Sprinting Event. Having said this, Sprinting on your last 10 or 20 meters before the Finish Line is a BIG “No-No” to me, more so, if you intend to pass a runner ahead of you before finally crossing the Finish Line.

In one of the early editions of the PAU Tanay 50K Ultra Run, one of the “newbie” ultra runners (I think, this was his first 50K/Ultra Run) was passed by an “older and more experienced” ultra runner on the last 50 meters before the Finish Line. Since I know personally these two runners, I just observed and listened for their feedbacks. The “older and more experienced” ultra runner just smiled and kept silent until the event was over. The “newbie” was mad and sad that somebody had overtaken him on the last few meters of the race. (Both runners don’t know each other personally up to this time). The “newbie” ultrarunner, due to his frustration, never came back for another ultra running event. He is now an Ironman!

In the PAU National 110K Championship Run in Guimaras last year, a “hardcore” PAU ultra runner was overtaken by a local elite runner on the last 40 meters before the Finish Line! The PAU Ultra Runner was leading the whole race not until he was challenged by the passing local runner for a “sprint” on the last 40 meters to the Finish Line. What added to the sadness and frustration of the PAU Runner was that there was a video on how this local elite runner passed him and it was posted on Facebook. The PAU Runner had become wiser and smarter in his succeeding ultra races after that experience.

In the 1st Manila To Baguio 250K Ultra Run (Single Stage), another runner chased a leading runner ahead of him on the last 50 meters to the Finish Line. The runner who was passed could not believe that the chasing runner had the nerve to pass him on the last few meters of the race. I have yet to settle the differences of these two ultra runners in my future races as their competition with each other continues.

Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race

Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race

In this year’s Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race, an older Lady Runner complained and told me a story about another younger Lady Runner congratulating her for being able to finish the race with barely 2 kilometers more to go before the Finish Line. The younger Lady Runner would tell to the older one that she will give way for her to finish the race ahead. However, on the last 100 meters before the Finish Line, the younger Lady Runner was running hard and fast, and had overtaken the older Lady Runner before crossing the Finish Line. The older Lady Runner came to me and told me about the incident. She was mad and furious but I told her that what matters most is that she finished the race without any injury or any “issues”. She has to move on and forget about the said incident. Lately, she told me that she will be back for the next year’s edition of the BDM 102 and her goal will be to improve her finish time.

Any ultra runner can relate to this kind of experience in running events. I know that all running events are considered as RACES where one has to be faster than the others in crossing the Finish Line. But in ultra running, it is not the competition that is most important but it is on the journey, the experience, and the camaraderie/friendship that develops during and after the race matter most. Finishing the Ultra Running Event is the most important objective/goal of an Ultra Runner within the prescribed cut-off time! The Finish Time is just secondary goal for record purposes and as a point of reference if one has the objective to improve in his/her performance in its future edition.

In my experience, when somebody would like to keep in step with my pace during the race and the runner is much younger than my age, I would be happy and think that I am already winning over him during the race. Since I don’t have anything more to prove to this younger runner who is in pace with me, I would allow him/her to finish first and for me to have my pace slower before I cross the Finish Line. Of course, showing a big smile before crossing the Finish Line is a must. Before you knew it, the one you allowed to cross the finish line ahead of you, will be turning back towards you with a smile and the words, “Thank You, Sir”!

This runner will never forget you and he will be your avid fan in running…forever!

Pacing Each Other In A Trail Running Event

Pacing Each Other In A Trail Running Event

Official Result: 2015 Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 102)

8 03 2015

7th Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 102)

10:00 PM March 7, 2015 To 4:00 PM March 8, 2015

Starting Place: Bataan Death March Shrine, Mariveles, Bataan

Finish Area: Old Railway Station, Barangay Santo Nino, San Fernando, Pampanga

Number Of Starters: 165

Number Of Finishers: 150

Percentage Of Finish: 90.9%





Jeff Suazo (Overall Champion) 11:28:14


Ador Badong Sietereales (1st Runner-Up, Overall) 11:41:52


Rai Cabanig (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) 11:44:34


Jay Pagcu 12:29:27


Simon Pavel Miranda 12:34:02


Rex Gonzales 12:38:25


Lawrence Aninag 12:40:43


Beda Abugan Jr 12:44:03


Joji Salvador 12:47:21


Edwin Fernandez 12:49:59


Archie Asentista 12:52:03


Rayman Castillo 12:53:09


Sean Andan 13:18:37


Rosaldo Gijapon 13:28:25


Randy Ong 13:31:43


Raffy Estavillo 13:42:33


Rodney Cabahug 13:45:30


Ronan Gonzales 13:46:00


Alain Vincent 13:53:23


Aldrin Pallera 14:05:47


Mary Grace Lao (Champion, Women’s) 14:09:45


Merbert Cabral 14:17:34


Cris Liwanagan 14:38:19


Rodrigo Losabia 14:41:42


Roselle Abajo (1st Runner-Up, Women’s) 14:42:55


Lurvin Ocampo 14:44:06


Arthur Ryan Dolina 14:44:32


Edzel Drilo 14:45:47


Rudolph Ruiz 14:47:01


Archie Gascon 14:51:52


Felix Rumbaoa III 15:05:09


Joel Batomalaque 15:05:25


Rolan Cera 15:05:39


Kenneth Tenebro 15:06:43


Enstein Calaoa Jr 15:07:03


Aaron Laron 15:08:13


Henry Laron 15:08:30


Loradel Hanopol (2nd Runner-Up, Women’s) 15:09:55


Anthony Abejero 15:10:50


Addison Sayoc 15:12:42


Kristian Mark Ison 15:14:37


Ryan Glenn Fabie 15:14:59


Kristian Merilles 15:17:47


Mhiko Bernal 15:18:24


Tess Leono (W) 15:19:29


Myk Dauz 15:19:36


Jose Nelson Laude 15:19:54


Sherwin Guansing 15:20:59


Paul Vincent La Rosa 15:21:30


Allan Sabado 15:23:11


Kendrick Asanion 15:27:03


Amor Gabriel 15:27:49


Bong Dizon 15:31:57


Dindo Diaz 15:32:18


Marlon Santos 15:33:55


Eden Pagsolingan 15:34:20


Rohmel Biscara 15:34:38


Rizaldy Relativo 15:35:16


Joel Simsiman 15:36:36


Bong Anastacio 15:37:09


Khristian Norland Caleon 15:39:36


Arthur Kenneth Viray 15:41:59


Randy Miranda 15:50:15


Pamela Gatuz (W) 15:54:27


Yniguez Ysmael Uy 15:57:40


Mary Gold Dela Cruz (W) 16:00:03


Dennis Chavez 16:05:21


Doodsie Mallari (W) 16:05:33


Mark Enrick Hernandez 16:06:05


Choy Bernal 16:11:32


Rolly Peruello 16:13:45


Juancho Padua 16:14:24


Rona Saludes (W) 16:14:54


Rodolfo De Ocampo Jr 16:22:27


Euca Balingot 16:25:15


Jeramy Blas 16:27:20


Rodell Mendoza 16:29:08


Roberto Vocal Jr 16:29:33


Andan Banday 16:29:47


Karlene Sebastian (W) 16:32:36


Calvin John Escandor 16:32:37


Ipe Mascarenas 16:36:17


Anna Carmela Lim (W) 16:36:26


Ruben Herrera Jr 16:37:07


Harry Duruin 16:37:35


Vladimer Quetua 16:40:24


Joel Salvia 16:45:36


Richelle Perez (W) 16:46:25


Meljon Tezon 16:46:26


Renz Sabinorio 16:46:49


Almar Danguilan 16:47:05


Kathleen Pinero (W) 16:51:18


Johanna Lee (W) 16:51:32


Hermie Saludes 16:51:45


Doods Abuel 16:54:24


Cherry Rose Betonio (W) 16:55:20


Ross Nashin Caratao (W) 16:55:41


Thea Sagrador (W) 16:56:08


Ian Cristian Torres 16:57:50


Herbert Avilla 16:58:28


Ma. Cristina Aldaya (W) 17:01:39


Francis Adrian Panilla 17:03:15


Soleil Navarro (W) 17:03:52


Arwin Rodolfo 17:04:12


Bene Steve Vilches 17:10:28


Ma. Celeste Layug (W) 17:12:09


Richard Allan Mangalip 17:12:25


Gerdie Jurado 17:15:02


Herbert Puyat 17:15:18


Bong Capiton 17:15:31


Christian Francia 17:15:54


Edwin Cruz 17:17:48


Arvin Arcilla 17:18:53


Patrick James Ayo 17:20:23


Ale Paez 17:21:48


Jenny Capistrano (W) 17:24:09


Ronnel Go 17:26:24


Boy Je 17:26:43


Cleodelia Armendez (W) 17:27:36


Michael Torres 17:28:55


Jerry Briones 17:30:11


Wilson John Barbon 17:31:26


Junmar Que 17:33:41


Ronaldo Robles 17:34:19


Evan Lu 17:34:46


Kerwin Ng 17:35:08


Mary Joanne Sapalasan (W) 17:35:24


Emma Libunao (W) 17:36:00


Victhor Tuazon 17:36:57


Warren Evangelista 17:37:12


Vicente Zapanta Jr 17:39:23


Mark Chico 17:39:55


Lito O Mallari 17:40:09


Reese Rogel (W) 17:40:17


Ramon Quiocho 17:40:48


Chill Orbegoso 17:40:49


Arnold Pagaran 17:40:50


Teodoro Alising 17:41:23


Lito G Mallari 17:43:42


Haydee Sulamin (W) 17:44:38


Gerson Yuson 17:45:19


Edwina Porcincula (W) 17:45:36


Jerard Asperin 17:49:34


Johvic Unciano 17:51:56


Jun Ramirez 17:53:07


Aleli Delos Santos (W) 17:53:54


Barak Raniel Baracael 17:54:05


Mignon Yenacio (W) 17:57:12


Delmo Sullano 17:57:27


Katherine Villaflor (W) 17:59:20

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

Official Result: 1st Manila To Baguio 250K Ultra Marathon Race

9 02 2015

1st Manila To Baguio 250K Ultra Marathon Race

1:00 AM February 6, 2015 To 3:00 AM February 8, 2015

Cut-Off Time: 50 Hours

Number Of Starters: 20

Number Of Finishers: 16

Percentage Of Finish: 80%

20 Runners @ The Starting Line In Luneta Park

20 Runners @ The Starting Line In Luneta Park

RANK                  NAME                                                                 TIME

1.  Lao Ogerio (Overall Champion, Course Record)– 42:35:36

2.  Elmar Bob Tolete (1st Runner-Up, Overall) ——- 42:51:36

3.  Marcelo Bautista (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) —–  44:20:02

4.  Alfred Delos Reyes ————————————–  45:51:52

5.  Simon Pavel Miranda ———————————–  47:36:55

6.  Carlo Gonzales ——————————————-  47:46:52

7.  Rhodz Cordura ——————————————-  47:51:44

8.  Raffy Gabotero  ——————————————  48:06:30

9.  Allan Sabado   ——————————————–  48:12:42

10. Marlon Santos  ——————————————  48:17:16

11. Myk Dauz  ————————————————  48:26:57

12. Romhel Biscara —————————————— 48:47:28

13. Nelson Val Caro  —————————————– 48:49:29

14. Elmer Caballes  —————————————— 49:03:21

15. Albert Salazar  ——————————————- 49:03:34

16. Amor Gabriel  ——————————————- 49:10:01

Overall Champion Lao Ogerio

Overall Champion Lao Ogerio

1st Runner-Up Elmar Bob Tolete

1st Runner-Up Elmar Bob Tolete

2nd Runner-Up Marcelo Bautista

2nd Runner-Up Marcelo Bautista

Congratulations To All The Finishers.


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