“I am Only A Blogger, And You Are Only A Reader”

30 08 2012

I admit that I am ONLY a Blogger but I spend a lot of time in research and thinking process in order for me to come up with a post, whether it is about an information that I could share to my readers or about my experiences and observations as a runner and an athlete.

The Internet had created a lot of options and capability for anybody to express himself and share it across the world without any restrictions. A Blogger becomes the writer, editor, and the publisher all in ONE and the only satisfaction that he gets is the fact that he expressed his thoughts in writing with the hope that others will be able to read it. And such satisfaction is translated to the number of hits and followers that it will eventually have.

I could be considered as a “purist” blogger where I write about my running experiences and thoughts about running. Sometimes, I could share running events in the world which I want to be known by others. There are other times that I share tips and suggestions on running which I’ve experienced and worth to be known by “newbies” as well as average runners. As I progressed through the years, my blog became a “platform” for ultrarunning events which I wanted my readers to experience through fun runs and later as formal races. It gave birth to the BDM Races as well as the PAU Races which are almost in their 2nd and 3rd editions. Of course, it gave birth to the BDM 102 which is the “grand daddy” of all my events where it would be its 5th edition by next year. (Note: I am not a “mercenary” blogger!)

Having said everything, a blogger as purist as I am, I try to be original and creative in my own way because I am trying my best to be an average writer. If somebody would like to “copy and paste” my writings on any of my posts, it is very logical and reasonable that he must have to state my blog as his source. The same with the pictures that I’ve attached in most of my posts. In simple terms, show some RESPECT to one’s work.

This is the reason why I don’t respect news anchors and politicians who would seem to be reading a piece of article/news/information/speech  infront of you thinking that they have prepared their piece by themselves. The truth is that news anchors read news stories written for them by their news writers. Politicians read their speeches in public and in their respective chambers which are written by their staff who do the research and writing for them. Simply put, news anchors and politicians are JUST messengers/readers and they do not spend a single drop of sweat in writing their speech or item to read.

So, Mr Senator, you are just a messenger and a reader and you do not deserve to be respected at all since you don’t respect us who are bloggers. It would be best for you to go back in reading your TV “spoof” scripts and try your best to be a “copycat” of Dolphy.

Now, you are telling us that plagiarism is NOT A CRIME. It may not be a crime but it is a violation of Basic Writing & Research. But again, you will say that it was your staff who violated the “basics” in writing and research.

But if you continue defending yourself up to the ass of Marilyn Monroe, I could conclude that you failed in your basic elementary subject of….Good Manners & Right Conduct! Far worse, you don’t have the “balls” to account for your mistake and accept responsibility for it. Accountability and Responsibility, two BIG words that GOOD LEADERS adhere to for their reputation.

I rest my case, Mr Copycat Senator!

Result: 2nd PAU Fort Magsaysay To Dingalan 60K Ultra Run

27 08 2012

Event: 2nd PAU Fort Magsaysay To Dingalan 60K Ultra Run

Time & Date of Start: 4:00 AM August 26, 2012

Start & Finish Area: 7th Infantry Division Headquarters, Philippine Army, Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City & GINA’s Resort in Dingalan, Aurora

Type of Race: Road Race

Number of Starters: 117

Number of Finishers: 115

Number of Female Runners: 22

Cut-off Time: 11 Hours

Sponsors: 7th Infantry Division, PA; GINA’s Resort; PAU; & ALL THE RUNNERS.

RANK N   A   M   E T  I  M  E
1 Marcelo Bautista (Champion, CR) 5:22:23
2 Alfred Delos Reyes (1st Runner-Up) 6:27:08
3 Jerome Bautista (2nd Runner-Up) 6:31:16
4 Daryl Sevilla 6:38:59
5 Rayman Delos Angeles 6:43:59
6 Simon Pavel Miranda 6:44:31
7 Laurencio Ogerio 6:51:26
8 Jael Wenceslao 6:51:47
9 Sandy Alentajan 6:52:26
10 Henry Laron 7:00:03
11 Bob Castilla 7:07:13
12 Rafael Gabotero 7:09:29
13 Almar Danguilan 7:14:42
14 Calvin John Escandor 7:16:06
15 Elmar Tolete 7:24:18
16 Romulo Doctolero 7:24:19
17 Carlito Buenaventura 7:33:23
18 Erwin Tolentino 7:33:28
19 Bert Camangonan 7:33:38
20 Ariel Aquino 7:37:59
21 Raul Tapia 7:38:49
22 Joseph Pineda 7:42:20
23 Zan Cagulangan 7:42:52
24 Glairold Recella 7:47:30
25 Dante Sagayap 7:47:31
26 Ed Redona 7:49:27
27 Jose Cando 7:50:59
28 Daphne Codilla (Champion, Ladies) 7:51:12
29 Frederick Quitiquit 7:53:32
30 Andrew Aquino 7:56:58
31 Imelda Laron (1st Runner-Up, Ladies) 7:58:22
32 Elmer Caballes 8:01:38
33 Olivia Rosita Dimaano Llanillo (2nd Runner-Up, Ladies) 8:08:16
34 Mark Anthony Tibo-oc 8:11:29
35 Noel Ko 8:11:29
36 Cheryl Bihag (F) 8:12:56
37 Gia Estrella (F) 8:15:14
38 Johann Marquez 8:20:51
39 Jeffrey Diaz 8:23:06
40 Bernie Madrid Jr 8:23:20
41 Jerry Peralta 8:23:42
42 Roberto Delos Santos 8:26:12
43 Edrick Nicdao 8:27:27
44 Ronnel Go 8:28:28
45 Edwin Fernandez 8:30:57
46 Carl Balagot 8:32:57
47 Joseph Sibal 8:33:03
48 Ejercito Suyo 8:34:28
49 Russel Hernandez 8:36:36
50 Antonio Jimenez 8:40:55
51 Maria Josephine Liao (F) 8:42:47
52 Meljohn Tezon 8:42:54
53 Hazel Arnaiz (F) 8:45:39
54 Jason Sison 8:45:42
55 Aaron Aher Herrera 8:47:46
56 Rodelio Mendoza 8:48:59
57 Bong Alindada 8:51:06
58 Nikki Angelene Cepe (F) 8:54:05
59 Peachy Tamayo (F) 8:56:12
60 Lady Dianne Palogan (F) 8:57:38
61 Armand Paolo Belen 8:58:28
62 Manny Ocampo 9:03:40
63 Noel Villoso 9:04:37
64 Elvin Pastorfide 9:07:46
65 Jon Borbon 9:08:15
66 Marc Tomas 9:12:56
67 Benedict Meneses 9:16:53
68 Teodoro Mailen 9:18:44
69 Marlon Saracho 9:19:40
70 Jan Michael Flores 9:19:41
71 Katrina Sarsonas (F) 9:20:25
72 Michelle Angela Maravilla (F) 9:23:12
73 Wesley Noel Orana 9:23:13
74 Greg Verecio 9:27:33
75 Chito Asuncion 9:30:30
76 Rica Mendoza (F) 9:32:12
77 Hermie Saludes 9:35:17
78 Marc Conrad Molina 9:35:18
79 Arnel Distor 9:41:12
80 Jinky Yray 9:43:59
81 Dennis Matias 9:45:12
82 Leopoldo Esquilona Jr 9:48:23
83 Dexter Cruz 9:49:47
84 Ryann Sison 9:49:48
85 Joseph Ryan Serrano 9:49:49
86 Mary Anne De Ere (F) 9:52:24
87 Rey Erwin Abenido 9:54:04
88 Donald Ancheta 9:57:49
89 Bernard Enriquez 9:58:24
90 Larry Daliwag 9:58:27
91 Mark Jay Sidamon 9:59:08
92 Yob Red 9:59:23
93 Allen Gregor Bulos 10:00:30
94 Gerardine Kun (F) 10:02:55
95 Allen Gaspar 10:10:48
96 Junar Layug 10:10:51
97 Joen Soriao 10:10:52
98 Rochelle Sumagang 10:13:15
99 Merwin Torres 10:13:21
100 Timothy John Taburico 10:15:41
101 Stephanie Hefti (F) 10:15:42
102 Mar Marilag 10:36:49
103 Pancho Samonte Jr 10:36:55
104 Rexie Jane Saldivar (F) 10:37:10
105 Lyra Cruzelle Rosario (F) 10:38:09
106 Doc Minnie Tomas (F) 10:39:11
107 Val Carro 10:39:12
108 Carmeli Ortega (F) 10:39:27
109 Christopher John Sta Cruz 10:40:20
110 Yolly Simpao Barja (F) 10:40:40
111 Luzel Franco (F) 10:40:41
112 Efren Martinez 10:42:28
113 Warren Evangelista 10:46:55
114 King Mark Patricio 10:53:25
115 Edwin Cruz 11:04:42

Congratulations To All The Finishers & Thanks To All The Sponsors!

117 Runners With 22 Female Runners. The Pinoy Ultrarunning Community Is Getting Bigger and Faster! (Photo by John Avellanosa)

EDSA, Traffic, Solutions, Incentives, Etc.

20 08 2012

Few weeks ago, I was able to read the Opinion Editorial in one of the daily newspapers. I don’t usually read the newspapers but with a brief stop to eat my breakfast in one of the Fastfood Restos along the NLEX, I got a free issue of the newspaper. What caught my attention in the newspapers is the Editorial about EDSA and the problem of traffic in the metropolis.

Few days ago, there is another “news” whose video became viral in the Internet which showed a fat guy in lavander-colored shirt slapping a MMDA traffic enforcer. I am not sure what made the guy got out from his car and showed outrage towards the traffic enforcer. I have the impression that it was a result of the traffic situation in the metropolis.

The bottomline and the BIGGER Picture in the Opinion Editorial and the “slapping” incident is the fact that for the past years and administrations, there is NO SOLUTION that is good in easing up the daily traffic in EDSA in particular and in Metro Manila in general. Not even the MMDA or the Office of the President could think of an idea and/or implement a measure that would sove the problem of traffic in Metro Manila.

(Note: I hope most of the people would have understood the SONA if the President should have included in his speech on how he woud solve the problem of traffic at EDSA, not about DREAMS and HOPES for the future!)

The volume of traffic had been growing in an unprecedented manner while the number of roads and mobility access have not increased and improved. Not even with the introduction of the Light Railway Transport (LRT/MRT) and increase in the number of traffic enforcers had improved the traffic condition of the city.

What could be the problem? What could be the solution?

If you observe, there are lots of transport buses and jeeps plying within EDSA and other main streets in the city. This is to include the Provincial Buses going and coming from the Northern & Southern Provinces. Maybe, reducing the number of buses and jeeps in the city would ease up the traffic in the city.

Do you still remember those “LOVE BUS” before? Why don’t we bring back those LOVE BUS and adhere to its time-tested system of having only ONE transport system for the BUSES in the city, not what we see as a “free for all” transport franchises for any corporate that has the capability to acquire a fleet of buses here and abroad. I would not deal on the details as I want to suggest an overall concept with regards of reducing the number of buses in the city. Simply put, stick to ONE transport company, private or government-controlled, with the best and excellent transport service to the public. (Note: It is worthy to note what the TransMilenio in Bogota, Colombia had solved the traffic congestion of in the said city since December 2000.)

TransMilenio Bus (Photo From Colombia Travel Blog By Marcela)

You might be wondering why I am trying to analyze the traffic situation in Metro Manila and trying to suggest some solutions to this perpetual problem of ours. It’s because there are solutions to be considered from the point of view from a runner/hiker/athlete and from me who gathered ideas from other sources.

Of course, as an athlete/runner/hiker, I would suggest that people would go back to what we would naturally do during the Early Ages—walk, jog, or run to reach from Point A to Point B. Let us not argue about the pros and cons about this suggestions. In the end, this suggestion has more advantages than disadvantages.

If you can’t walk, jog, or run and would like to have a faster time to reach Point B from Point A, you can ride on a bicycle. Of course, riding on a bicycle has also pros and cons but I am sure it has more advantages. (Note: It is worthy to note also what Mayor Enrique Penalosa of Bogota, Colombia had introduced like the Ciclovia and the First “Car-Free” Day to the world in 2001)

Ciclovia In Bogota On Sundays (Photo Taken From The Oil Drum: Local)

Have you heard about the carpool system that other countries use to ease up the volume of traffic in their streets? This system is applicable to corporate offices as well as government offices. One person in one office can share a ride for another 3-4 persons employed in the same office, provided they come from same origin or the person who drives can pick-up the remaining passengers where the route passes towards their destination.

Another option is for anybody or for you to try riding the bus/jeepney/UV Express in going to your office and going back to your home, at least, 1-2 times a week and leaving your car in your house.

These abovementioned suggestions are only effective if coupled with discipline, positive attitude, and commitment. But they are far more effective if we have some rewards or incentives if we commit ourselves to such suggestions. This is where leadership and management level would enter and be part of the soultion to our traffic problems.

Yes, incentives or rewards are the “carrot” that we need. The government could easily enact laws, ordinances, decrees, and rules and regulation but such “stick” woud not be effective if it is not implimented or enforced strictly.

A person who goes to his office by walking/jogging or running should receive some incentives from the management. It could be some cash enough to motivate him to maintain his running. Maybe, the cost of a brand-new running shoes can be collected by him every 3 months; a weekly registration fee for 10K to half-marathon race of his choice; or additional support for nutrition and hydration which is given on a monthly basis; or a new running kit (apparel) every 3 months!

For the cyclists, the same incentive as the runner is appropriate. It could be cash incentive or anything that he could use for his safety while riding his bicycle.

For the carpooler, he could be given some incentive in terms of additional allowance for the gasoline; repairs; and maintenance servicing of his personal vehicle. Better yet if the management could provide an all-expense trip for a family weekend vacation in any part of the country.

If you take the bus or public transport instead of your personal car, the management should double your daily fare and receive the incentive at the end of every two weeks. If you spend P50 a day for your fare, the management should be able to give you P100 as your daily incentive or maybe more.

You might ask me where will management get the money for the incentives. Well, I would assume that personnel would be healthier if they are more active by adhering to my suggestions. The management will be saving money for the medical and hospitalization of their employees, to include payments for medical and dental insurances. So, in effect, the management will be “front-loading” their savings for the medical expenses for their personnel in the form of incentives. It is easier to say than done but it is possible.

Now, it is for the government and private developers to come up with the needed infrastructure in order to impliment safety in running, walking, and cycling from Point A to Point B.

What could be more revealing is the fact that Colombia won 8 Olympic Medals in the latest London Olympics with Gold and Bronze Medals in BMX Cycling; Silver Medals in Road Cycling and Women’s Triple Jump and other individual sports. I wonder if there is a direct connection with how Bogota, Colombia solved its traffic problems and the encouragement for the people to have access to paved roads which are transformed into parks during the week.

Just maybe, this is a good model for us to emulate if we want to encourage more of our citizen to engage in endurance sports.

As they say, “you may never know”. What is needed is for us to TRY.

Result: 1st BR’s Laoag BEER Mile

14 08 2012

The following is the Official Result of the 1st BR’s BEER Mile held in Laoag City at the Provincial Oval Track & Athletic Ground o/a 8:00 AM August 12, 2012.

RANK N   A   M   E T   I  M  E
1 Roger Nartatez 9:19
2 Jhoneley Ballesteros 9:37
3 Numeriano Dela Cruz 13:10
4 Vernal Verlim 14:35
5 Steve Paul Dumlao 15:52
6 Ace Guerrero 17:20
7 Chester Puno 18:12
8 Kenken Sacro 19:30
9 Herdy Yumul 20:12
10 Jorge Guerrero 21:17
11 Tom Baniwas 24:17
12 Aaron Dondoyano 30:40
13 Sandy Matias 30:41

Ilocano Beer Mile Runners

Official Finishers Of The 1st Laoag City BR’s BEER Mile

Congratulations To All The Participants & Finishers!


9 08 2012

While most of the people who have something to share to the victims of the Flooding In Metro Manila are busy helping in the relief operations, I made my “very private and personal” experience to share the collections of slightly used running shoes and finishers’ shirts sent through Balikbayan Boxes from my ultrarunning friend, Benjamin Gaetos of Los Angeles, California to the Officers and Men of the Special Forces Regiment of the Philippine Army who are based in Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City.

These soldiers had been helping me in the conduct of the First 100-Mile Ultra Trail Run in the country dubbed as the “Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Trail Run” and the “Taklang Damulag 50-Mile/50K Trail Runs & Half-Marathon Races”.

More than 50 pairs of running shoes and more than the same number of Finisher’s Shirts were received by First Lieutenant Tony Abay, Commander of the Soecial Forces Regiment School and his men in a simple ceremony.

It was a very simple event but it was memorable to everybody.

1st Lieutenant Tony Abay Receiving The Shoes & Shirts

Explaining To The Soldiers About The Quality Of The Shirts

Telling The Soldiers That Helping Them Is My First Priority

Thanks to Benjamin Gaetos for his untiring efforts to pack and send these shoes through Balikbayan Boxes from Los Angeles, California! My snappy salute to you and to the rest of your ultrarunning friends out there in California, USA!

Result: 1st BR’s Cebu BEER Mile

4 08 2012

The following is the Official Result of the 1st BR’s Cebu BEER Mile held this morning at the IT Park, Cebu City. Congratulations to all the participants/finishers!

Cebu Runner In Action

Fun & Experience!

Thank You & Congratulations, Cebu City!


RANK N    A      M    E T    I  M  E
1 Noel Tillor 7:27
2 Renan Panimdim 10:26
3 Dominic Panimdim 11:53
4 Earth Maribojoc 12:53
5 James Francis Aguas 16:47
6 Theodore Zamora 17:01
7 Ryan Gonzaga 19:07
8 Catalino Rosales 19:52
9 Boo Toledo 22:27
10 John Domingo 29:32
11 Kathrina Perez (F) 42:11
12 Coleen Digman (F) 45:48

36th MILO Marathon Manila Elims

3 08 2012

Last year, I ran the MILO Marathon Manila Eliminations but I DNFd at Km 23 because of my injury on my left knee.

This year, I did not have plans or intention of joining the MILO Marathon Manila Eliminations as I was out of the country when the media launching activity was held. However, my friend, Jonel, informed me through FB that he was able to register me to run the Half-Marathon distance which I thought to be a nice event for me to see the runners and at the same time to be seen by new runners after I’ve been busy going to the mountains and enjoying the beauty of trail running and hiking to the peak of mountains.

It was also a chance to expose one of my elite runners whom I’ve been training/coaching for ultra trail runs in the province. Danin Arenzana had been with me for 3 years and he has been consistently training for mountain runs. In his debut race at the Mt Ugo Trail Marathon Race (42K) by Jonel of FrontRunner Magazine last April of this year, he placed First Runner-Up, competing with the fast runners of Baguio City. I registered him for the MILO Half-Marathon distance as a test run on flat and paved surface.

Danin Arenzana At The Center, 2nd Place Overall in the FR Mag’s Mt Ugo Trail (42K) Marathon

As I said, I joined this race to be seen by other runners and also try to look for Marcelo and give him whatever I could receive from friends which they committed to be given to him. After giving some advice to Danin and making sure that he is positioned infront of the starters, I positioned myself at the back of the pack and find out how my body would perform without any structured training program as a preparation for this race.

The day before this race, I finished a 10K race in Fort Magsaysay where I finished in 1:02:15 hours. The course was relatively flat but there are hills to overcome which made the course very challenging. (Note: I will make a separate Race Report on this run). While traveling to Manila, I could feel some pain in my knees but with some massage, full sleep/rest and “voodoo” drinks, I was ready for a half-marathon race the following day.

On Race Day, I was surprised to find out that it took me almost one minute to cross the starting line from the back of the pack. It showed how many runners had registered and started for this race. I was informed that the number of runners had reached to 38,000+ making it the most attended running event in Metro Manila/in the country so far. This makes the MILO Marathon to be consistently called as the “most prestigious running event in the country”.

Crazy Old Guy Wearing A Trail Running Attire In A Half-Marathon Race

Well, going back to my performance. I was too slow and I understand that my age is slowly catching up with what is in my mind. My mind would say that I am still fast and strong as if I am 40 years old but my legs and my breathing were saying the reality—that I am already slow and getting older! On the first 10K, I was averaging a pace of 6:15-6:30 minutes per kilometer but on the 2nd half of the race, I began to slow down and had to walk before and after drinking water at the aid stations. My last 5 kilometers were really painful as I would experience some cramps on my calves. I had to walk on the last kilometer of the race.  I would finish the race in 2:25+ hours. My slowest finish time so far for a half-marathon distance!

Walking @ 200 Meters Before The Finish Line

There are no alibis or complaints about my performance. I simply did not prepare for this race. At least, I was able to gauge the level of my running fitness with this race. Which means, I lack the endurance and speed to sustain a consistent pace for the distance. Damn those swimming laps which I’ve done as cross-training to lessen the pain on my knees, hoping that I could improve my swimming endurance coming from a zero and a non-swimmer for the past months and weeks. I guess, I am a land animal and not a runner trying to glide like a fish in the water.

It’s a blessing in disguise that my road races last weekend (10K & 21K) have started again my focused training in running with the hope of joining more road and trail races in the coming months. Running and hiking to the peak of the mountains will still be a part of the training. My knees are still in pain but some adjustments in my training will have to be done for me to be back in consistent training.

Danin, my elite athlete, surprisingly landed #9 overall in the Half-Marathon Race with a time of 1:30+ hours. He performed well and he has the potential to run faster as I advised him to restructure and make some adjustments in his training program. We will see him more in trail running events!

Danin Arenzana Along Roxas Boulevard

It worthy to note also that my Elite Team Bald Runner/Philippine Army runners, Elmer Sabal and Gerald Sabal placed 2nd and 3rd Overall in the Marathon (42K) Elimination Race, respectively. Elmer finished in 2:45+ hours while Gerald finished in 2:46+ hours. I hope these runners will train some more to be able to win in the MILO Marathon FINALS in December. Danin will run again the Half-Marathon Race in the Finals, hoping to improve his time and ranking.

Congratulations to MILO Philippines and to Coach Rio De La Cruz (RUNRIO) for the successful conduct of this year’s Manila Elimination Race. You did a splendid job! No doubt, this running event will stay consistently as the “most prestigious running event in the country” in the years to come. Plus the fact that you have provided more running shoes to more students and potential runners around the country through your “Donate A Shoe” Program!

See you at the FINALS!


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