198 Days: 16K @ Mall Of Asia & ULTRA Run

19 09 2008

Yesterday afternoon, I visited The North Face Store at the Mall of Asia Mall and bought the “Escalada” backpack with provision for a hydration pack. I intend to use this small backpack for my “runabout/walkabout” which could carry my food provisions, water/sports drink supply, windbreaker/jacket, towelette, extra socks and dry clothes, cellphone, sunglasses, medical first-aid kit, and my Sony Vaio Notebook just in case I decide to bring it with me. This will be useful in my ultra run practices in the North, in Antipolo & Tanay, in Tagaytay, and within Metro Manila area. (Note: To High Altitude & Aldz, I’ll be joining your mountain trail run soon!!!) Read the rest of this entry »

199 Days: Oval Track Etiquette

18 09 2008

As it was my first time to run inside the ULTRA Oval Track, I was able to observe some actuations of the users/runners in the said facility. I am suggesting the following oval track etiquette in order to promote discipline and orderliness among the users:

1) Slow runners/Novice runners should use the outer lanes—Lanes #7 & #8

2) Oval tracks are primarily used for speed runs and tempo runs. Priority for the use of the inner lanes, Lanes #1-#3, should be for runners doing speed intervals and/or tempo runs. Lanes #1 & #2 are usually used and given priority to the fastest runners. Read the rest of this entry »

199 Days: Libingan; ULTRA Track; & “Running Shoe Guru”

18 09 2008

Yesterday morning, I called up the Commanding General of the Philippine Army’s Support Command (ASCOM), who happens to be my underclassman in the Philippine Military Academy, to reconsider their policy of preventing runners from using the streets inside the Libingan ng mga Bayani. His command is the one directly supervising the upkeep of the Libingan through a Council Board. I requested that runners and walkers must be allowed inside the cemetery as the rolling hills and streets are very challenging and the most accessible route to civilians, soldiers and retirees who would like to engage in physical activities. I told him also that the runners are very responsible people who are just after a quiet road, free of traffic, and full of challenging hills and don’t have any desire to litter or conduct informal picnics/meeting inside the establishment. I was assured by the Commanding General of ASCOM that he will bring this matter to the Libingan ng mga Bayani Council Board for their consideration. Read the rest of this entry »

200 Days: Ed Paez; Massage; & Rest

17 09 2008

I had the pleasure to meet in person Mr. Ed Paez yesterday morning to discuss matters with regards to my plan to conduct the 1st Bataan Death March Tribute Ultramarathon Race (yes, that’s the latest name of the event). Mr Paez is a writer/columnist of the tabloid Remate after having been retired as Information Officer of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources; and presently the President of the San Fernando Runners Unlimited Inc. (SAFER RUN) of Pampanga. He is also known to be the person behind the conduct of the annual Bataan Death March Tribute Relay Run for the past 23 years whose participants are volunteers among the members of his running club and some members of the AFP Running Team. Read the rest of this entry »

201 Days: Ben Gaetos & Carmela Layson

17 09 2008

This post is a tribute to the two (2) Pinoy Ultramarathoners who are well-knowned among the ultra runners in California. They just finished their third (3rd) participation to the most challenging ultra trail running event, Angeles Crest 100-Mile Endurance Run, which was held last Saturday & Sunday (13-14 Sep 2008) with hours to spare before the cut-off time of 33 hours.

The following was the race report of Ben Gaetos on his 2nd Angeles Crest 100-Mile Endurance Run in September 2007: Read the rest of this entry »

201 1/2 Days: 16K @ The Fort

16 09 2008

6:00 PM 15 September 2008 @ Fort Bonifacio & The Fort

Yesterday, at 6:00PM, I did 16K run along Lawton Avenue and along the outer streets of The Fort up to the old Gate 1 of Fort Bonifacio and back to the main streets of The Fort. I finished my last 4 kilometers running along the Bonifacio High Street (BHS) Loop. I was able to join other runners in the said loop. I was happy to see more runners this time doing their practice runs in the said loop, most especially during nighttime.

I started to have some conversation with a guy (mid/late 20s) who tried to overtook me but I was able to keep up with his pace but when he started answering my questions, he just peeled off and took another route in one of the cross streets of BHS. I later found him looking tired after few minutes and could not keep up with my pace when I passed him. I later found out that he is preparing for a duathlon race this coming October. Read the rest of this entry »

202 Days: 1st Day of Training For Bataan

15 09 2008

I am formally starting my ultramarathon training for the Inaugural Bataan Death March Memorial 100K Ultra Run which will be held along the route where the event happened in World War II, not in any other place in the world, on April 5, 2009.

All my incoming road races on weekends will be part of my ultramarathon training. I should be able to run 50-60 kilometers this week.

The Bald Runner is back!!!

5K Tempo Run

13 09 2008

After a rest and recovery for four days, I did a 5K tempo run yesterday early evening around the neighborhood. For my warm-up first kilometer, I did 5:38 mins. I did my 2nd Km in 5:05 mins; 3rd Km in 5:01 mins; 4th Km in 5:04; and ending my 5th Km in 5:12. Overall, I finished the distance of 5.02K in 26:09 minutes with an average pace of 5:12 minutes per kilometer.

Not bad! On Monday, I will be starting my 30-week ultramarathon training for the 2009 Inaugural Bataan Death March Memorial Ultramarathon Run. My next ultramarathon training will be geared towards my first 50K/50M Mt Disappointment Endurance Run in August 2009.

My prayers and best wishes to Ben Gaetos and Carmela Layson, our Pinoy Ultramarathoners residing in Los Angeles, for their 3rd/4th (?) participation to the Angeles Crest 100-Mile Ultra Trail Endurance Run which will start at 6:00 AM tomorrow. GO, GO, GO, Pinoy Ultra Trail Runners break the 30-hour time!!!

How About “Bataan Death March Memorial Ultra Run” In The Philippines?

12 09 2008

The reason why I conducted the “first and only Bataan Death March Challenge” in April 2000 held along the exact route where the event occured because I was challenged why in the world would the ROTC of White Sands, New Mexico, USA celebrate such event in their desert where a handful of US World War II survivors from that State would be supported and commemorated. Also, there are three other places/States in the US where they commemorate this famous Bataan Death March. Read the rest of this entry »

Running Shoes Mileage

11 09 2008

According to a former elite runner and now a coach of famous US elite runners, a runner should change his/her shoes every 500 miles or 800 kilometers of distance covered. If a runner exceeds this distance, he/she is inviting injury that could stop or completely destroy one’s training schedule to a particular running event.

Sometimes, it is very hard for us to decide to buy a new running shoes even if the physical appearance of the “old” shoe is still almost new. But one should think that it is better to prevent oneself from being injured instead of paying more in order to cure one’s injury. “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. Spending 4-8 Thousand Pesos of a brand-new running shoes is better and cheaper than being cured by medicines, physical therapists, or surgery.

I am sure your old shoes will still be useful if you give them to your household helpers and their families or better yet donate them to my project—Donate-A-Shoe. Those runners who can not afford to buy a brand new running shoes will be happy to receive them.

My ASICS Gel-Cumulus 8 is about to be separated from me soon which I bought last December 2006 at Phidippides Running Store in Encino, California. I used this shoes for 4 months in preparation for the 2008 Pasig River Marathon last February 2008 and was able to finish the said marathon with this shoes to include half-marathon, 15K and 10K races. This shoes had done a splendid job and still looks very new. Whoever will get this shoes (with my signature on the insoles) will be happy to own one of the “Bald Runner’s Running Shoes”.


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